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McLeish Poll

Billy Rubin

Should Alex McLeish be sacked as Scotland manager immediately?   

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I defended him after the Israel defeat, and I really cringe at some of the totally speculative comments about his health and wellbeing, but we can't continue with him after this week.

The Kazakhstan result was the worst Scotland result I've seen, and for that to be followed up by the Russians turning up and trouncing them while we huffed and puffed in San Marino is the final nail IMO.  The concern is that we put our trust in the same guys who appointed him, to now find a replacement.  Steve Clarke will turn it down, and after that I'd imagine the SFA will return to Gordon Strachan, and we'll be just as abject as we were under him.

I'd love Slaven Bilic, but I can't see it happening.

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I don't trust McLeish to get a win against Cyprus. We need to bin him now. I'd approach Steve Clarke and Killie to see if Scotland could borrow him for the June games as they are after the season finishes. Then take it from there. We will do our usual though. Wait til it's too late then get another roaster in. Let's be honest, who didn't see this coming when he was appointed? That's the real problem. Until the old boys network is addressed then we are going nowhere. I remember when Belgium and Holland and to a certain extent Germany hit lows, they got in about it and reformed their game. We will continue to be shit because the SFA are all about the bigot brothers and jobs for the boys. Nothing else.

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