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Rangers vs Hibs

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My prediction is that Bob Williamson will emerge from the shadows to predict doom for any Hibee bold enough to set foot in Govan this Sunday. Discuss.

Oh, and I typed four asterisks, not ****, so I'm legally untouchable etc.

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Alfredo Morelos will likely be back for this one. Hopefully he's up for cementing his place in the record books for years to come by succumbing to a good, hard goading from our Daz and getting himself sent off again. A few extra hours of taunting practice at East Mains is in order, surely.

If that fails, I suppose we'll have to scrape together a skin-of-the-teeth result at Ibrox, as usual. Hecky already seems to have an aptitude for that sort of thing, so it's all good.

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6 hours ago, MJC said:

Good luck Rangers.

You put Aberdeen in their box yesterday, now do the same with this shower of spoon burning tramps.


^^^ Backing a 7 year old club for relevance as his other club are a non entity. warnock.png

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Looks like Rangers have bumped up the away allocation for this one. Rangers are showing their gratitude to Hibs for our loyal fanbase boosting their revenue with the green pound and keeping their stadium full.

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