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Your Club's Player of the Year

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Always interested in hearing who fans of other clubs believe has been their best player over the course of the season. 

No real surprises at the St Johnstone awards event last night with Jason Kerr scooping most of the prizes. Zander Clark and Matty Kennedy enjoyed some success as well. 

Certainly the two outfielders named would probably have been the pair in my thoughts for our best performer. At their best, both have been excellent. Kennedy has quieter games as you have to accept with a winger whilst Kerr probably needs to cut out the rare poorer games to take the next step. That's why I think he's made the right choice to extend his contract with Saints. 

Who has impressed you most for your club this season? 

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Joe Lewis got player of the year for Dons and Lewis Ferguson got young player of the year plus goal of the season for his goal against Burnley. 

Max Lowe got players player of the year.


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I was talking to my Dad about this on Friday, and from a shortlist of seven I plumped for;

1st - Alan Power 

2nd - Chris Burke 

3rd - Daniel Bachmann 

ETA - honourable mention to Taylor, Broadfoot, Findlay, and Dicker. 

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49 minutes ago, ali_91 said:

Can understand why Kerr got so many awards, him and Zander have both played massive roles in a great haul of clean sheets, but for me I’d have given it to Kennedy, an absolute baller. 

Not saying everyone else has had bad seasons, but there’s no other contenders out-with those three for me. Obviously as Tam says, if Drey would have stayed fit, he’d have had a great shout at winning. 

Agree. Drey Wright was the stand out until his injury, but luckily Kennedy stepped up. Between Matty and Kerr for me.  Very tough one to call, probably edge it to Kennedy as he has given us a creative spark in just about every game, something we were desperately missing the previous season or two.

Take nothing away from Kerr, who has looked excellent for much of the season.

Zander has been very good, but I would rank him below Kennedy and Kerr for the award this season.

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