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  1. The colouring on the left and right ones aren't nice (IMO). The middle shade is ok, thought the overall design is mediocre.
  2. If the Bedeau rumours are legit, then he will more likely be the left-sided player coming in to cover. That'd give us Fraser, Gogic, Bolton, Bedeau and Taylor for three places, which is probably adequate. Rooney could cover there as well if needed.
  3. I didn't see the quotes myself, but was there not a line reported from Robbo where he said the data showed Fraser 'made less mistakes' at LCB, which is why he'd been getting used there? Not my words and I can't vouch for the source, but if it's true that the management has identified he's making too many errors, then it feels natural that they'd also be looking for improvements. Regardless of who comes in, he'll still be playing a massive role still next season.
  4. Been meaning to ask, as my legitimate stream didn't have commentary... What was the reason for the lengthy hold up about five mins in? Hearts due to take a GK but it took forever.
  5. I dunno, I thought it did look like fitness. It certainly wasn't the same as, for example, Kyle McAllister, where you could see the discomfort his back issues were causing him. I saw enough last night to be confident he will come good. Some nice touches, decent goal, and starting to understand the system, but short of fitness and confidence. Which we knew about already. I predict that by December we'll consider ourselves lucky to have him.
  6. Decent game that. We moved it about pretty well, and caused a lot of problems. We've been pretty well matched with Hearts this season and it underlines our progress. I've gone from being pretty ambivalent about Mandron's likely departure to thinking he'll be a big miss. Hopefully we get a decent fee if he does go. Great to see Scott score: there's absolutely a player in there and once he's got himself into shape he'll make a big contribution. And I'm really going to miss Keanu Baccus. Hasn't quite become a fan favourite for some reason but he will go on to be remembered as one of our best ever players IMO.
  7. 6472 this season Vs 6287 last season. Safe to assume that's the highest ever though CBA to confirm right now. Normally tonight's game would inch that average up very slightly but will depend on what Hearts bring through; sounds like away end might be slightly reduced for understandable reasons.
  8. Yeah. You only have to look at our struggles when he was out the side to underline your point. That said, I have high hopes for McMenamin next season. He was also injured for a spell and looked really promising when he came back in the side.
  9. It's funny because there's two players with the same surname.
  10. We both have drawn very few games this season: 7 for us, 6 for Hearts. But if ever a game had honourable 1-1 draw written all over it, this one did. Are Hearts fans going through in their usual decent numbers or is the evening KO/dead rubberiness of it all killing that off?
  11. Naw, I think Strain will have said he's not signing. It's a nice clean exit for everyone.
  12. It's nice to have your massiveness confirmed on a Wednesday morning. (Only quoting @Ric to show the full conversation.)
  13. Because Ibrox was like a fucking Yoga circle at 0-2 down last night, right?
  14. How much would you like me to have put behind your absolutely shite football team mate?
  15. Just for clarity, and maybe it's not displaying correctly for you, but this is the only part of the thread that refers to him as free scoring. @capt_oats posted it as a joke, referring to his prior links to Motherwell. Nobody was actually claiming he is free scoring. Capt_oats also has no military background that I'm aware of. I hope this helps.
  16. Just can't see it. I can see why we went in for him, and I'm glad we did as it showed ambition, but he doesn't really fit the model. Our stated strategy was to bring in players to improve and then sell on. I realise we're hardly bringing in massive transfer fees all over the place, and the departures of Strain and Baccus for frees is a disappointment in that regard. But KVV won't command another transfer fee and I'm not even sure he guarantees goals.
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