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  1. Behave, nobody could see a player in Olusanya. He was getting let go until he showed up on training in the summer.
  2. Aside from a point @djchapsticks made on the St Mirren thread about him playing in midfield, I never understood why Hibs (and Hibs fans) didn't rate him. I remember us playing Hibs when he was there and pretty much every ball we launched forward seemed to find his head. As has been noted, he's got an error in him, but he's become a real force of nature for us and this contract extension pretty much guarantees he's a future Hall of Famer. Weirdly though, he's not got that 'public enemy' persona that similar players usually attract. He seems to play the game in a way that opponents respect.
  3. I obviously loved our League Cup win in 2013 but Marc McAusland never got a turn up front and it really took the shine off it for me.
  4. And I'd still sooner let them pick our team than some of the guys in here...
  5. I don't get why people are determined to see this happen. You don't get it with any other position on the park. Nobody saw Kwon come in and went 'shit, he's over six foot, bet he could do a job at the back, or even better, up front.' O'Carroll actually mocked this. He said they found it funny that just because Goga played in midfield for Hamilton, people kept banging on about him playing further up the pitch. He's been our PotY at centre half and hasn't played in midfield all season. We've got class CMs, and an abundance of them (for now). Alex Gogic is a centre half.
  6. I can't. I think Diarmuid O'Carroll utterly killed off the 'Gogic is a midfielder' thing a couple months ago.
  7. Yeah, no harm to Fraser but he's being managed towards a backup role. Not because there's anything wrong with him, but because we are rightly looking to improve. Edit: just saw @houston_bud's post. It's definitely a tough one. I wouldn't have the stones to be that ruthless.
  8. Yeah, never going to judge a striker who's failing to perform in a Jim Goodwin team. However... This is spot on. I've made the point before that Grieve was never offering anything wildly different to what was already on the pitch. If you're looking for someone to change a game, you chuck on Olusanya over him every single time.
  9. I hope we are at least asking Shaun Rooney the question. Proper wingbacks are hard to find.
  10. We are basically a right wing back and a keeper away from a full starting XI now. Obviously think we'll still be looking to strengthen significantly, and Baccus and Strain will leave gaping holes, but we're in decent shape already.
  11. Killie are the sort of proper team that'd make it worthwhile building extra away capacity for. If I won the Euromillions, I'd add a tier to the away stand and still close half of it when Celtic and Rangers visit.
  12. Would I take him back on loan in January when he's fallen out with their new manager and they're seven adrift at the bottom? Aye, go on.
  13. Are we not due money from Dundee for Carson now as well? I'm sure there were survival bonuses involved.
  14. Three replies before this one; two from Dons fans. Forum should probably have an enforced split as well, IMO.
  15. I remember being pretty jealous of their transfer business the summer before last and look where it got them. That said, it became clear that their failure to sign Gogic (or his refusal to sign for Jack Ross) could have been the difference between them staying up and not. As mentioned, Goodwin signed him for us and he's OOC so it's an entirely plausible transfer.
  16. Hiya lads. I need that picture of Tony Fitzpatrick looking glum for something, but I'm struggling to lay my hands on it. Can someone hook me up please?
  17. They horsed us in the League Cup at the start of that season; we ended up swapping leagues. It was lovely.
  18. Livi also won it the season we came up, and United (plus John Beaton) took us to penalties. But I think the point still stands; Prem team would have to be gash to lose it.
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