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  1. Fucking hell it's just glorious. Glorious. I know you shouldn't let football affect your mood, and I'll be frank, my mental health is often on a bit of a knife edge. But honestly, at 16:45 I was really fucked off and right now I'm a few beers in, cooking tea for the family and dancing in the kitchen. Absolutely buzzing.
  2. I just love St Mirren. What a season. What a manager. Fucking glorious when a team that's been time wasting and kicking f**k out of everything gets turned over late on like that. Oh, and Shinnie is a c**t.
  3. The poster has previous for reading old articles and getting somewhat confused, so let's not rule out that he's maybe read about the time Jim Goodwin played McGrath at LWB for us. (Did actually happen, btw. You may not be surprised.)
  4. Jeremy Usborne : Don't worry. Zahra says we have only one fear to fear, and that's fear itself. It's a clever saying, isn't it? Mark Corrigan : And what about losing all your money? Or shitting yourself in public? Or the tabloid press mistakenly outing you as a paedo? Or Alzheimer's? Or all of those things, plus you're drowning?
  5. I've got a good one for you lads. "Aberdown." Sounds a bit like Aberdeen, and you're going down. You can use that if you like.
  6. That is fucking mind blowing, tbf. The most box office long weekend of football that the Scottish game has ever delivered.
  7. I see what you've done there. You've seized on my loose wording of 'final' to imply you'll get to the FA cup final. You cheeky monkey.
  8. Aberdeen Morton final, IMO. Neil Warnock would finally start caring about the outcome of an Aberdeen game
  9. Absolutely no doubt in my mind it's done. Without wishing to get in there and make it about us, to my mind, our 18-19 team has to be one of the worst teams to stay up in this league. This is where we were after 28 games then. Even that St Mirren team had more points than Livi have, and we had two teams within closer reach above us. Livingston are done.
  10. We play a pressing game and try to force teams into errors. No wonder it took us by surprise when St Johnstone decided to make endless unforced errors themselves. Fair play, Levein is clearly playing 4D chess here. Luckily we managed to adjust and that was as routine a win as we'll have this season.
  11. Olusanya is good against teams who push on to chase games. Not to worry, then.
  12. Lads, your team might be a bit shit but I've just seen on Instagram you're getting an Acropolis. Hard recommend: some of the best gyros I've had. So every cloud, eh?
  13. More like check, I reckon. It's like checkmate in hand.
  14. Also remember that just because nobody said it, it doesn't mean it's not funny.
  15. I haven't got the evidence right now, but I'm supremely confident I'll get it and that will win me the debate. Evidence in hand, if you will.
  16. It'll all be fine once the games in hand points bonanza comes in lads.
  17. Yeah, draw at Pittodrie for me, Clive. Rangers will win very easily against an object County side so I can't be arsed hoping for anything else.
  18. Fucking hell. Like I said, Docherty must have been furious. Unless he only complains about pitches when they lose. Surely not.
  19. Pitch quality doesn't look great, mind. Docherty must have had something to say about that afterwards, I bet.
  20. Fair play to Celtic, though: as the commentators pointed out, they were missing some key players and the pitch was difficult to play on, so they've done well there.
  21. Meh. We were decent. Gives me confidence for the rest of the league campaign.
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