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  1. We've got no other options at RWB, CBM has made himself first choice, and then it's a straight choice between MOH and Kwon. I'll trust the manager but the selection is hardly a disaster.
  2. "1st" wasn't necessary there: it makes the sentence tautological.
  3. I'm quite surprised to see how many Hearts fans are in favour of a cheeky wee lie-down here.
  4. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/68550171.amp Incredible stuff in there. Dick Campbell
  5. It's been said several times: Fotheringham is the most Dundeeish appointment I can imagine. (FWIW I can't imagine Dons going for Doc either so you should be good for a while.)
  6. So extreme is his no-nonsense approach that it has circled right back round and turned into nonsense. Like Chapsticks says, it feels inevitable he's getting a job here eventually. No chance it's Aberdeen but he really does have Dundee written all over him.
  7. You'd have to pay someone a fucking fortune to get them to say Neil Warnock was the best person for the job.
  8. That's fair. He never seemed to be an especially clean striker of the ball. I made the point elsewhere that, while he was an ok option off the bench, he was usually a very slightly different version of what he was replacing. Whereas someone like Olusanya is a total wildcard that has the potential to wreak absolute havoc.
  9. It's nice that you can find a positive slant to surviving and winning the cup, tbh.
  10. Funny how you so rarely hear the actually decent managers talking about how good they are as managers, yet the likes of Alan Stubbs, Lee Johnson and whoever this c**t is won't seem to shut up about it.
  11. "A huge part of the club going forward." What absolute nonsense once you realise that a) the manager of any team is a huge part of that club and b) going forward just means 'from now'.
  12. Can the OP please amend thread title so there are quotation marks around "permanent"?
  13. Fair play to @SausageRolls111 - the lad has created a fresh P&B account to continue debating a penalty just the 5 (five) days after it was given. If Devlin had shown that sort of commitment he might have got to the ball first.
  14. Haven't got the energy any more to get stressed every time the likes of Aberdeen and Hibs embark on their latest managerial crisis. If it was me, I'd want nothing to do with that shit show at Pittodrie, but ultimately money will always talk. We have hounded Aberdeen three times this season and I'm confident we'd do it again given the opportunity. That alone can't have gone unnoticed.
  15. Aberdeen win, please. 0-1 Shinnie (90+10).
  16. Aye, just when you think it's over, a couple of late posts pop up. Bit like goals on Saturday in that respect.
  17. Does anybody know who signed Olusanya for Middlesbrough?!
  18. I've got the clip isolated but struggling to embed it. Give me a bit.
  19. Fucking hell it's just glorious. Glorious. I know you shouldn't let football affect your mood, and I'll be frank, my mental health is often on a bit of a knife edge. But honestly, at 16:45 I was really fucked off and right now I'm a few beers in, cooking tea for the family and dancing in the kitchen. Absolutely buzzing.
  20. I just love St Mirren. What a season. What a manager. Fucking glorious when a team that's been time wasting and kicking f**k out of everything gets turned over late on like that. Oh, and Shinnie is a c**t.
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