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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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58 minutes ago, Brian Carrigan said:

Who would we all like to see come in this summer? We essentially need an entire squad, so it'll be interesting to see if any of our predictions end up coming to fruition.

A strong midfielder that can pop up with a goal like Scott Brown from Peterhead.

I think it was you who mentioned a few strikers not long ago. Bob McHugh and/or Russell McLean would be worth speaking to. McLean in particular is surely within our budget. Any centre backs that can run, header and tackle. Use the loan market for players that can come in and do a job rather than pish benchwarmers like Deveney, Josh Jack, Petkov - we seem to be quite good at this in January transfer windows but never pre season.

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37 minutes ago, Scott-Replay said:

Robert Thompson from Stenny would be a fairly substantial upgrade on Jones if Danny would still like a big guy up top.

This is a very good shout for me. Not just a 'big guy' either, he's a good footballer. Paired up top with LJ or even Cunningham, he'd be great.

Definitely one of the few players from a level below that I feel like we should sign.

Jack Leitch from Stirling being another.

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Craig Slater and Andy Munro from Forfar are two decent players, I liked Munro first time round when we has him. 

Agreed on Leitch he was good at Peterhead, i think getting Ray Grant back from Stirling wouldn’t be the worst move. 

Steven Boyd at Alloa is a player I’ve liked for a while, there’s probably a few at Alloa worth a look. 

Not sure what sort of deal he got at Peterhead but Rico Quitongo is a good left back. 

Thomas Orr at stenhousemuir worth a look, he’s got around 15 goals or so. Thomson is a decent player too. 

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Popping this on here just in the off chance someone can help. Put similar on the Airdrie thread last week and was helped out very kindly. I am currently trying to collect a club scarf from each club in Scotland for a display in my son's room. Ideally I am looking for a scarf that has the name of the team across the middle (many now seem to be plain stripes with a club emblem either side). I have been struggling to find one for Clyde with the online club shop offering not stocking one. If anyone on here at all has a spare scarf that they would be willing to sell to me then please PM me. Thanks in advance for any help!

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9 hours ago, Clyde85 said:

I’d just like to go a summer without signing anyone from Annan.

I'd 100% sign Owen Moxon who showed plenty of flashes of potential when we were in that division, and now appears to have found some consistency. I suspect he's from down that way though so might take some convincing. I'm seriously wary of players from L2 though in general, guys from that mess at Stirling ring serious alarm bells.

I suspect this summer that for proactive teams there will be a much greater pool of players to choose from than last, when a lot of teams didn't have a particularly big clear-out. I can see a few options coming from the likes of QPFC and Falkirk, maybe a few of the bottom end Championship sides.

The position that terrifies me most is centre half, given that we probably need to find four new ones. Centre halves at this level need to be able to play football and be athletic enough to do a sprint and win a header or two. I'd be after George Stanger from Dumbarton (who we absolutely should have been signing in January once he'd gone to Uni) but after that I'm stumped.

The biggest thing for me is to sign a squad of players that have a fairly cohesive gameplan in mind. Last summer we had half a team of quick, mobile footballers and matched it up with ponderous "experience" and lazy target men. The result was the pursuit of a plan 'B' when we didn't even have a plan 'A'.

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