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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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Serious rebuild needed, having no Goodwillie does not help. Also in the past it has looked like players do not want to come to Clyde. Suggest we build a team for 2 seasons…..stick with a bunch of players equipped to win L2 next year if we fail to stay in L1…..staying in L1 with a settled team would be a bonus. We can’t go on rebuilding from scratch season after season

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1 hour ago, Clinically Proven said:

I know we are seemingly paying less rent but terrifying to think what sort of shite will make up our squad next year on average gates of about 350-400 at Accies. Probably operating on a par with teams like Elgin and Stranraer.


1 hour ago, TheBigGuy said:

Hope we still have Goodie's number. 

Take that 3-400 and divide by 1.5,  if we're gonna f**k about with re-signing our former captain.  We have to move forward or chuck it.

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What an utterly pish season, so glad to see the back of it. Between players just not good enough and ones that can’t be arsed, the cup results and overall performances. That’s before we get to the off field fiascos.

We have to sign better players and get rid of at least half of what’s there, probably more. If we want to progress it’s time to move guys like rumsby and love on who were part of getting us up but it’s as far as guys of their standard will get us. 

Kevin Nicol and Rob Jones, I don’t even want to see them for opposition never mind us. 

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A thoroughly mind numbingly, pish season comes to an absolutely shite end. 

I think Stuart Millars team would beat this shower. 

Jones just needs to f**k off to the amateurs or the power chair league, wherever he will get a game. Nicoll needs shown the door, he showed his true liability qualities again today with his late sending off.

Out that lot id genuinely only keep Parry, Elsdon (maybe), Livingstone, Splaine, Gomis, Cunningham and Jamieson. The rest can make sure the door doesn’t hit their arse on the way out. 

If we re-sign more of them we will never get out this mess of shithousing our way to safety by the skin of our teeth season after season.

Massive rebuild required in preseason and probably the most important transfer window of Danny’s time with us. 

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Forgot about Cunningham.
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IT’S PUNT OR KEEP TIME! Please everyone, fill your boots:


Parry - Already Here

Bradley-Hurst - Not fussed, probably keep as back up

Cassidy - Punt

Docherty - Better than expected but punt

Elsdon - Started well but is slow and isn’t strong enough in the air. Probably punt.

Page - Need better. Punt.

Rumsby - A good servant. Thanks for the promotion season but time to move on. Punt.

Livingstone - Keep but ONLY as a left-midfielder.

Mortimer - Punt. Enjoyed his goal against Airdrie, though.

Cuddihy - Keep. A consistent performer for many a year. Wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to move on.

Cunningham - Keep. Excluding Jamieson, he’s by far and away our best attacking asset now Goodwillie’s away. Been unlucky with injuries but a definite keep. Like Cuddihy, wouldn’t blame him if he has a better offer.

Gomis - Punt. Been steady enough but legs can’t keep up and he’s probably a larger earner.

Kennedy - Already here

McCormack - Who? Punt.

Nicoll - Punt. I can’t take another season.

Samuel - Looked to have a bit about him against Airdrie but hard to judge on limited game time. No idea of what wages he’d be after either. Invite for pre-season? 

Splaine - Keep. Can’t believe this is the same player I watched at the start of the season. A huge miss when we don’t play him.

Andrew - Looks to have a wee bit about him but he isn’t up to this level at this stage. Not sure we can afford to be loaning players out either. Probably punt.

Jones - Chase him. Punt.

Love - See Rumsby. Punt.

McGrath - Already here

Tadé - Enjoyed watching the big man score for us and I still think he offers more than Jones. Props for playing as an amateur too as he loves the game. Still, legs have gone unfortunately. Punt.

For the record, I’d keep Parry anyway so that’s 6/7 (if I put Monday Samuel as a maybe) out of the entire playing squad I would keep. I would try to keep McAllister and Jamieson too so that’s 8/9 at a maximum.

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I agree almost exactly with the above except that I'd edge towards keeping Gomis if possible, dependent on wages.

I wouldn't be surprised if we keep one of the 3 centrebacks and maybe Docherty as signing an entire back 4 plus backups is a tough job for one summer, but none of them are really good enough for League One.

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Looking forward to the 1st meeting to learn WTF our 'ops team' have added post Covid.  The mitigation last close season, was the pandemic, so interested to hear what Jim Diamond, JFK Corr  et al will deliver now.

By July, if we have not significantly improved our squad, that is, by not signing unknown jobbers from L2, we should just empty them and chase the delusional board members who  proposed the whole shabang. 

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Would defo take Grant back but just a couple of things worth pointing out. No point in bringing him in if it's just going to be turgid, awful football ie defenders bypassing him to just lump it aimlessly up the park. I also don't think he'd be that suited to a 442 which Lennons played a lot in the last year or so. Best as the sitter in a 3. Him, Splaine and a new player who's been mentioned in the thread would all compliment each other well.

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Ray Grant one of the few from Stirling I’d take back. Seems to have lost his way a wee bit since leaving. Hopefully auld Papa Lennon can get him back firing on all cylinders.

I see Neilly mentioned on the Stirling forum they have apparently signed Robert Thompson. That would be slightly disappointing from our perspective IMO.

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