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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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A welcome win even if it was just the diddy cup. Caernarfon looked a similar level to us and there wasn’t much in the game at all. I’m not surprised it took a fluke to win the game as there were so few chances but it was nice to keep a clean sheet. That back four would probably be what I’d go with in the next game and Mullen had a decent debut in goals (not that he was worked particularly hard). He was very confident at dealing with cross balls which was a welcome change.

Outfield, all worked hard but things just wouldn’t come off for Roberts, Cameron or Lyon, although none of them hid. Cunningham wasn’t at his best either and I was surprised Allan wasn’t utilised today. Lyon in particular is just infuriating, has he ever found a Clyde player with a cross? If he could cross there’d be a semi-decent player there. I thought Raymond Grant was our best player and I’m pleased he’s re-opened his account with us. Peter Grant, for all the stick he’s gotten recently, was fine. I continue to be quite impressed by Kennedy at left back at the drop off there when he went off was noticeable.

Overall, nice to stop the rot and keep a clean sheet. I won’t make the Falkirk game but it’s sightly less terrifying than it might have been. Well done, Clyde.

P.S. On the off chance that any Caernarfon Town fans are reading this, their support was plentiful and noisy. Seemed a good day out for them despite the score.

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Awful game between probably the two most evenly matched sides in soccer history, literally nothing happened bar the goal. You have to feel sorry for Lyon; Grant does one mis-hit cross and nets the winner, he does ten and gets pelters.

No surprise that we looked a better side playing a back four even against a team that really didn't threaten (not that we did either). McLean and Grant far more comfortable. After seeing Louis Longstaff last season and Fidel O'Rourke today, I'm disappointed I haven't got a game for the Liverpool youth teams yet.

Ray Grant and the away number 6 were the best players on the pitch. It was positive to get a much better performance out of Roberts and Kennedy is clearly our first choice left back. The Caernarfon left back was so bad he'll end up signing for us at some point.

If we could announce our preseason trip to Caernarfon now that would allow for adequate planning time.

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I can’t believe anyone is of the opinion they’re a similar team to us ability wise. Bar their captain and their two wingers they were dreadful.

A thoroughly pish game to watch but most of that is down to Lennons tactics and starting XI. Cunningham was so isolated up top it was clear for everyone to see. I don’t know why it took him so long to bring on another striker.

After about 10 minutes it was clear they were there for the taking but we didn’t go out and kill them off. We should’ve had two strikers up top by half time at the latest.

Ross Lyon’s was brutal again today. His crossing is woeful, he takes too many touches and kills the momentum of all attacks he’s involved in, if he’s not passing back the way he’s running into an opposition, he had opportunities to break wide when we won the ball (one in particular in the first half Where Cuddihy won it) but rather than bust a gut he hangs back and the chance to counter was gone.

Danny needs to get his tactics and line ups sorted soon or his time will run out. That game Was screaming for us to play two strikers but when he brought MacDonald on he pulled Cunningham deeper?!?!

At least we won but ffs.

Linfield or Cliftonville away next please!

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Don’t know if this has been mentioned on the thread already but it was not particularly well-kept secret that this case was related to Clyde and now the details are coming out. Another pretty unedifying set of stories on the way it looks like.

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Not impressed with that statement on the club website. Why have they spent a five figure sum defending a case with no merit? Maybe the last sentence provides the answer to that question. Referring to ‘clickbait’ suggests it was written by a twelve year old. Doesn’t bode well for the future…

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Not sure what else the club could say?

the charge seems to effect the Charity part of the club which is unfortunate. It does seem that there are individuals and part of the media have a real negative agenda against the club which is a concern.

Further worry for me is the lack of any loan deal as it’s obvious we are going to struggle badly if we don’t address the obvious problems within the side. I really hope the issue around the accusation has not affected our ability to pay for any potential loan. 

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