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The official Boris pm cluster-fuck thread


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12 minutes ago, Trogdor said:

Barclay to Health and Zahawi as Chancellor? 

Surely to f**k Bojo can't tough this out.

Let’s hope he can and does. The more farcical this all becomes, the more it shows up the UK and Westminster for the circus it is.

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Just now, williemillersmoustache said:

What kind of idiot/masochist/psychopath would actually want to be chancellor right now?

To be fair, each of these qualities was listed as a necessary attribute on applications to join Johnson’s government in the first place.

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8 minutes ago, oneteaminglasgow said:


1 hour ago, sophia said:


In football terms its like moving Warwick Davis to centre half when you really want Herve Villechaiez to play the role against Peter Crouch.

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The guy that kills me in all of this is Lord David Frost, a superannuated fud from the leather-upholstered Scotch Whisky Association who was parachuted way beyond his talents into the Brexit negotiations, was given the absolute runaround, and who now utters arrogant statements on a daily basis.  He needs shot with a ball of his own dirt.

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"You’d have thought ministers would have learned by now not to open their mouths to the media without their lawyers being present. Come to think of it, they might also want to have their lawyers around when they are being briefed by the prime minister on what they are expected to say. After all, lying is second nature to Boris Johnson: he thinks nothing of misinforming friends, family and colleagues as well as the rest of us. All he asks from his cabinet of all the talentless is complete naivety and a willingness to be humiliated over and over again.

On Sunday it had been Therese Coffey’s turn. She had crashed and burned as she tried to remember what it was she was supposed to have forgotten about No 10’s latest version of what The Convict had known about Chris Pincher’s previous. On Monday, it had been children’s minister Will Quince who was trying to forget what nonsense he was supposed to remember. He looked so traumatised by the experience that he was begging to be admitted to a psychiatric ward.

Come Tuesday, it was Dominic Raab’s turn to be the fall guy. If you happen to spot the justice secretary over the next few days, you’d do well to give him a wide berth. By the end of his last interview his anger management issues were out of control. The body count could creep into double figures. He wasn’t just made to look stupid – hell, Dom can generally be relied on to do that all by himself – he was totally eviscerated. Any passing relationship to the truth in what he said was entirely accidental."

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