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Queens v Inverness

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45 minutes ago, Northfield 53 said:

We can hopefully play as well as our last home game against Dundee U.T.D.  .

Inverness are always a difficult team to play against so we will have to be at our best to get a win .

No you won't, you really fucking won't!

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Missing this one due to work which is a shame as Queens away is a normally a nice trip for me from Edinburgh.

We'll need to improve significantly after some lethargic outings against Alloa and Morton. Defence has looked shoddy and attack lacking any real spark. If Robbo starts Storey on the wing again I'll cry.

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10 hours ago, football maniac said:

Osman might get his first start tonight. Kidd looked like he was really struggling at the end of the Alloa game. Hopefully he can recover as he will be a big loss. Folk are finally seeing what I've seen from the start. He's Mr underrated. 

Indeed. Osman in for Kidd, who drops from the squad.

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Got a bad feeling our Utd result is going to be another Ross County.

ICT are comfortably on top here without needing to be good. We've been absolutely dreadful and offered nothing going forward. Dobbie is isolated up front and can't function when that's the case. It needs to change or ICT will see this out with ease.

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