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Clyde vs Peterheid

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18 minutes ago, BullyWeeStonehouse said:

Well (surely) this cant be any worse than the Stranraer game there. However it will be a tough one, especially after the Blue Toon's win over Raith at the weekend.

We need a win here to keep ourselves pulling away from the bottom 2 places.

All depends on what team turns up.

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26 minutes ago, clydenil said:

Small squad and extended injury list not helping us.

Everyone goes on about small squads think Saturday was the first time for ages that we had 4 outfield players & a keeper on the bench, it turned out apart from having a full bench Raith had 4 players sitting near me in the stand. A small squad can help keep players happy as more chance of game time not sure if any clubs in this league have a regular U21 or second side so anyone not playing in the first team wont get much actual game time. A few injuries can cause problems.

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Hopefully Ally is back for this. Missed him last week. If we create as many chances as we did last week we surely will score.
If we execute them like we did last week then we might not! I'm sure though we can beat any league 1 team at home regardless. [emoji6]
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1 hour ago, TheBigGuy said:

Will depend on Goodwillie: I think he will score tomorrow. Should be fired up after Peterhead (A)!

Goody is usually brilliant with one on ones. Wasn't there last week and believe he missed 4. He won't miss 4 for the rest of the season. All out his system in one game. I think he will score a couple tomorrow.

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10 minutes ago, BullyWeeStonehouse said:

Petkov missing is probably a good thing for the defence!

Possibly. A backline of Lyon, Rumsby, McNiff and Allison would be worse than anything we put out last season though.

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1 hour ago, chas said:

Not what the official site preview suggests.

Site preview is usually taken from Thursday after training. Was told about Howie having a trapped nerve today. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong!

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