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Motherwell v Aberdeen #FridayNightFootball

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Battle for 3rd spot here. With the Match against Rangers before the split and todays results mean this should be a must win match for ourselves. 

I hope Allan Campbell isnt too injured and hes fit for this match. Seems like we are getting to the crucial stage for this fit for European football.

I will say 2-0 Well. Turnbull and Main OG.

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16 hours ago, Frank Grimes said:

Should be a cracker

Might not be

Must not lose for us, anyway 

It would be a great boost for whichever side wins, but not buying this must not lose nonsense. Even if and I hope Aberdeen do lose then there will be 7 more games after this including another Dons v Well game so a lot still to play for. Could quite well go down to another final day game at Pittodrie to decide. We like those games 🙂

The reality is we have already achieved our ambition of getting into the top 6 so less pressure on Motherwell to finish in 3rd. That plus the respective player budgets means it will be a failure for Aberdeen and McInnes not to finish 3rd. 

All that said we have been in 3rd for longest I believe and so failure to finish at least in the top 4 and hopefully in Europe would be a big disappointment. Ideally Celtic or Aberdeen win the cup and make 4th place a European place. No offence Aberdeen but I would trust Celtic more to take care of Hearts or Hibs in any final.  Probably our luck to finish 4th and either Edinburgh club to win the cup. 

In summary if we win I will still be thinking that it gives us a better chance of finishing top 4 rather than cementing top 3. 

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More Friday night football is a pain in the arse as I am running out of excuses for skiving off work early. 

Big game in the battle for least shit of the rest trophy that I don’t  think Dons can afford to lose. 

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The midweek January game, first after the break, was so incredibly bad that it correctly offered up the predictable “how bad is Scottish football if this is 3rd v 4th?” patter.

Motherwell pinched the three points from a header due to poor marking from (yet again chief jersey seller) Logan - but it was dire stuff from both sides.

Last time I was at Motherwell on a Friday was a good match with a 3-1 away win just before christmas a couple of years back - more of that this time please.

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