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Mighty Montrose FC Thread

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Looked like RM was taking it at first, but then Webby took the ball....

I thought that to give Rory the chance to start his goal tally would have been the Sporting thing to do...... 

For all we know, the instruction may have come from on high mind you.

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Time to get some points on the board now after that tricky start to the season.Two home games coming up and both we should be looking to win,to be fair to Clyde they are flying at the moment but I think we have enough in the locker to beat them this weekend.Hopefully the RB on loan from Dundee Utd isn't out for too long and we could really be doing with getting Gardyne and Terry Masson back in the starting 11 when they are fit both huge for Montrose.

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1 hour ago, da_no_1 said:

Was well impressed with Montrose on Saturday. I like the look of the LB.

Andrew Steeves been at the club for about 7 years now,very good player could easy be playing at a higher level in my opinion.He works  with Dundee Utd as a coach heard he is quite highly regarded at the club,could be our manager in years to come😲

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Good to see Rory get off the mark, and it wasn't a pen so even more pleasing (to coin a Scorge phrase!) 

Also thought Kerr, Dillo and Matty lined up well. I love Aiden Quinn but he sometimes does a bit more than is needed (to his cost last week when he twisted himself inside out) - 


well done Kerr on the goal, was it really his first?!



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Regarding Paul Watson did see him on crutches aswell not sure what happened with him or how long he is out for,if he was fit can't see him playing much this season anyway.

Kerr Waddell first goal for the club Saturday and for me he has been very impressive so far along with Dillo and Matty thought they all played well Saturday past.

Big game again Saturday be good to get a win here and build some momentum,Gardyne should be back in the mix but heard Masson is out for a few weeks yet.

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