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Mystery Football Shirts

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How is "not knowing part of the fun" if you fork out good cash just to receive a hideous top you wouldn't wipe your arse with? Like the Dundee Utd jobby sleeves one for example, which ironically looked like someone had just wiped their arse with it. 

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43 minutes ago, Dee Man said:

Imagine if you dished out 40 quid or whatever it is and as you excitedly open your new package to see what you have purchased, you pull out this monstrosity...

images - 2020-09-13T020741.770.jpeg

"Send me £40 and I'll send you an envelope with surprise contents" sounds like a great business model.

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1 minute ago, MixuFruit said:

You mock but a lassie I know is subscribed to a fashion site that does this. 40 notes a month for random clothes.

I'm not mocking. I can see how it come across that way.

My point was more "if people were daft enough to sign up for this, I'd be sending them all sorts of pish"

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Welcome to Mystery Shirts. I am a shirt collector who owns way too many. I enjoy finding and buying them. Whilst I can't wear them all - you certainly can. Buying your next shirt isn't easy when you're unsure what you want, and that's where we come in.

What you get:

  • A box delivered to your door containing 1 x brand new random football shirt from any team around the world with tags
  • Mystery shirt stickers
  • 2 x random soccerstarz collectable figure (worth £7.98)
  • A card with facts about the club of your new shirt

All of our shirts are authentic and official - absolutely no fakes.

Golden Ticket - A small percentage of our mystery shirt boxes contain a current season shirt which retails at far more than you pay for it. Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Did these fall off the back of a truck at some point?

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