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Season 4: Episode 5

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Hullo Again! We're back for another night of everything that Scottish football has to offer and we'd love for you to join us. Watch the show at 10:30pm on the BBC Scotland Channel, catch it later on BBC iPlayer and get involved in the conversation right here.
Tonight’s show looks a bit like this -
  • This week we lost a legend of the game as Walter Smith sadly passed away at the age of 73. We recall his career and pay our respects to the totemic figure.
Round The Houses
  • The team go round the houses, discussing the main events, the highlights and the standout moments from the last few weeks across the leagues in Scotland.
Social Media - Well of Content
  • Football is an entertainment business and not simply for the 90 minutes. We delve back into the web, this time to find out the weird and wonderful ways clubs are trying to engage with fans.
Show Us Yer Medals - Kenny Miller
  • We welcome to the studio ex-Scotland striker Kenny Miller to ask him all the BIG questions about his career and gain an insight into life behind the no.9 shirt.
Hold Me To It
  • Looking ahead to the weekend, our gang make their boldest claims about what they think is about to unfold in Scottish football. Will we hold them to it? You bet.
The Banker
  • Shaughan, Joel and Fowler go head to head with Craig G Telfer as they set out another round of predictions on their quest to secure the Eamonn Brophy Lone Wolf Trophy. 
In our 'Wee Films', we look back at Third Lanark and ask what it is like to support a club that no longer exists, we speak to Raith Rovers goalkeeper Jamie MacDonald and find out about the life of a goalie and in our Last Minute Winner, Dundee United fan Nicky Lipp performs a cover of 'Love is in the Air'. All that and so much more.
So, what would be your bold claims for the next few weeks of the season, what have been your highlights so far and what are your memories of the late, great, Walter Smith?
See you this evening. 


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Has the third Lanark film not been on before? [emoji3166]

Not something I’ve seen before, but with the fascination over third Lanark I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys spoken elsewhere.

Cathkin park is a very strange place I find. I love it, but it’s pretty sad seeing these trees pop up through the crumbling terracing.
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12 hours ago, Scary Bear said:

Good show. I liked the discussion on Walter Smith leading on to Kenny Miller being in the studio. Liked the Third Lanark bit and our goalie.

The goalie bit was good. He was very honest about the downsides to being a keeper. 

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Anyone else having a problem with the IPlayer? Every time I try and watch anything I just get 3 white lines, like it is buffering. Maybe my VPN is the problem.
Aye iPlayer shits its pants everytime I try it with my VPN on.
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Would like to welcome Joel Sked aboard the Tony Ralston steam train. Next stop Qatar.


ETA - for someone who has an irrational dislike for Jamie McDonald I thought it was a very good and insightful piece.

Also enjoyed another motor impression by Telfer but he has a long to go to better the bus with no power steering one.

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