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County vs Motherwell, 10/09/22

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Match at Dingwall this weekend, it's the last home game for 3 weeks (international week coming up)

County could really do with a performance and a win. I thought we looked better than aberdeen in the second half last week so more of the same please. 

Fully expecting Blair Spittal to have a worldy on his return to Vicky Park.


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Motherwell look much improved the last few weeks. Would have seen this as an easy win with their previous manager, now I am not so sure. You know Spittal is going to bang in a 30 yarder out of nowhere, Ross MacIver style.

If we avoid that daft diamond formation Malky tried last week I'm hopeful we can nick a 2-1 win. Akio to come on and grab a winner.

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Turning chances and good play into actual goals has been the one thing that we haven't improved hugely under Hammell so far - the game against Utd being the extreme example. Given that for different reasons, we are unlikely to see the best of Aarons, McKinstry or Moult for a while yet - it feels like this might be our biggest limiting factor.

Our record at Victoria Park feels, reasonable(?) but for now, I'm pretty content with us continuing the approach that we've seen in recent weeks and I don't feel any huge expectation of a win here.

Hard to imagine that the team will change much - defence looks at least servicable and would benefit from a settled line-up, it would be extremely harsh to drop any of the midfield as they were all outstanding last week and I highly doubt that any of the attackers mentioned are ready to force themselves into the starting 11 at this point.


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With the next few games likely to be postponed outwith Hearts, Celtic and Rangers European games the rest of us won't play again until the 1st of October, that'll be almost a month since we last played a competitive game. Apparently the EPL and Rugby have been postponed so far so no doubt we will follow suit.

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