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Football and the various royal events

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34 minutes ago, NorthBank said:
3 hours ago, kennie makevin said:
You can't have personal values which are against the law ? Thanks for the heads up.

My pleasure. Just don't implement them or you'll end up in jail. Happy to clarify for you.

It's Mr Postegoclu who requires the clarification as he seems to feel we can 'express' our personal values in any way we like. I know that's nonsense, you know that's nonsense. But I'm sure he meant well. Indeed, I'm certain of it .

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On 12/09/2022 at 12:28, Clown Job said:

I don’t know what would upset the gammons the most 

If we do nothing to mark the occasion 

or we boo the f**k out of it 


I found booing works best during minutes silences.

It was a while ago now mind.

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16 minutes ago, SJFCtheTeamForMe said:

England having national anthem across the board. SPFL are going to copy I'd guess. 

Mayhem to commence. 

I sincerely hope they don’t.
GSTQ/K as we well know is also used by the English FA national team as they struggle to differentiate between the UK and England. 

I will be holding up a blank placard in protest if it’s played at East End on Saturday. 

I have no problem with a minute’s silence, black arm bands and flags at half mast. But as an atheist republican I draw the line somewhere, 

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