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St Johnstone vs Motherwell - 12th November 2022

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28 minutes ago, Valentino Bolognese said:

How do Motherwell fans think Moult has been doing since coming back? 

Depends who you ask really. I think most of us understood that we weren't getting the same player and that he'd have to be managed on account of having barely played any fitba since he left us in the 17/18 season.

From that POV the fact that he's been able to come off the bench as quickly after another apparent injury is actually a pleasant surprise. There's still a constant fear around him given his injury record though.

Then again there's the more unhinged elements of the Moult Fandom who genuinely don't understand why he's not starting every week.

28 minutes ago, Valentino Bolognese said:

The returning hero trick is one that seems to fail more than succeed IMO but I've not been paying much attention.

Tbh, we're one club where for the most part we've had a bit of joy with players coming back. We'd probably have been relegated had it not been for McDonald and Pearson returning in the Play-Off season.

That's before you consider folk like Lasley, Hammell, McFadden (the first time), Sutton who all did us a turn. In the case of Hammell he ended up our record post-war appearance holder in his 2nd spell.

As it stands Moult's not quite a Ross McCormack style bust but equally he's not had the impact that some of the more delusional in our fanbase probably expected.

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Our squad's on its knees and in desperate need of a break. Perth hasn't been a happy hunting ground for us lately and I don't think it'll change this weekend. Just have to hope we get through this game with no more injuries and we can focus on getting everyone back for the restart.

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6 hours ago, PauloPerth said:


       Brown Gordon Considine 

Wright                                Montgomery

          McGowan Wotherspoon


                    Clark May


Very close but you're just a tad more defensive minded than Davidson.


Jesus, I thought that was impossible. 

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