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The Bairns Vs The Mo

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23 minutes ago, Harry Kinnear said:

I thought the challenge by Mackie near the end where the Montrose player got injured could have been a straight red too, would like to see it again but it looked a bad one and I thought he was lucky just get booked. Mind you I also thought on another day Dillon could have had about 5 yellow cards, but that’s just the norm for him.

Was fully expecting a (deserved) red for Mackie there. Surprised/unsurprised to see a yellow.

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From the away end didn’t look as if the ball crossed the line.  

Enough has been said about that wee cretin Beaton, however, every time I’ve seen him there’s been bad decisions all game.

Webby should have scored in the first half, Lynn’s had a great chance and couldn’t make up his mind and ended up stumbling and taking a crap shot.  Rory pulled a shot. We had chances and didn’t take them.

After watching the highlights back Nesbit may of got a bit of the ball, but that was after he had wiped out the player.

Credit to Ross Matthews we all know his height might cause us problems but thought he had an assured enough game on his league debut, could of been more without his saves.

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3 minutes ago, Grant228 said:

I get that at the game, at full speed it can be hard to make things out. 


But how is anyone watching that on YouTube and thinking it's over the line? 

I think it’s because of the ripple of the net coinciding perfectly when the ball bounces “above” the bar - if you follow the ball it’s clear it’s about a foot in front of the line however 

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I thought we played quite well over the piece.

Good performances from Nesbitt and Kennedy, I reckon we'll see a lot more from Nesbitt now if McGlynn continues the McGinn and Henderson midfield combo. PJ looked good and Rowe had a good debut. I thought Donaldson and Mackie looked a bit shaky at times, they're really polar opposites, Donaldson is very laid back in his play (sometimes slows the play down a bit too much for me) whilst Mackie can be very rash, flying into things without thinking first sometimes. Leon McCann had a merely slightly above average game instead of his usual 9/10 stuff.

As far as the disputed goals are concerned; I'm unsure if Nesbitt won the ball or got the player first for his second goal but his reaction in his interview suggests that he fouled the guy. The did it or didn't it effort from Rowe was not over the line, it's basically impossible for it to have been. If you watch the replay in slow motion the ball looks to have hit the roof of the net causing it to ripple but it then ends up clearing the crossbar. It can't have done both so it must have been the players hitting the net that caused the ripple.

Anyway, on to next week with hopefully a couple of additions to bolster things. A striker would be good because I don't think we'll see Alegria for a few weeks and we need another option up there anyway. 

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