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🟠⚫️Dundee United v St Johnstone⚪️🔵 Saturday 18/02/23

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5 minutes ago, ArabianKnight said:

If I see Mulgrew dithering on the ball again I'm gonna lose my shit.

Watch for a 6ft ish ginger running from the GF screaming at the c**t.

Funnily enough it was Mulgrew in that particular image.

That said, it’s not just him. The whole team are statues for the most part.

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United heroes lauded

HT: Dundee United 0-1 St Johnstone

The heroes of Dundee United's 1983 league triumph have been lauded around Tannadice as they celebrate the 40th anniversary of becoming champions of Scotland.

Perhaps Liam Fox could do with getting a couple of them in the dressing room at half-time.

I'm confident Heggy and Malpas would be no worse in defence than what is there at the moment

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9 minutes ago, Derry Alli said:

Why have United brought our their codgers today to celebrate the 40th anniversary?

Because they've realised we're really not going to be in the mood to celebrate it in May.

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Have we had a player who appears to just be a goal for our opposition like Carey! Every time he appears off the bench, we concede almost instantly. 

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