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Week 17


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Jets @ Browns

Saturday Night

Lions @ Cowboys (1.15am)

Sunday Early 

Rams @ Giants

Dolphins @ Ravens

Patriots @ Bills

Falcons @ Bears

Titans @ Texans

Raiders @ Colts

Panthers @ Jaguars

Cardinals @ Eagles

Saints @ Buccaneers

49ers @ Commanders

Sunday Late 

Steelers @ Seahawks

Chargers @ Broncos

Bengals @ Chiefs


Packers @ Vikings 


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Dolphins at the Ravens is the standout game along with the Lions visit to Dallas on Saturday night. 

The Buccs can wrap up the NFC south with a win against the Saints and the Browns clinch a playoff spot if they beat the Jets on Thursday night. 

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Russell Wilson obviously the highest profile benching, but there are a few QB changes this week.

Washington going with Jacoby Brissett instead of Sam Howell.

Giants dropping DeVito and starting Tyrod Taylor.

Nick Mullens ditched by the Vikings in favour of rookie Jaren Hall.

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On 28/12/2023 at 03:25, pozbaird said:

I’m trying to gauge my interest in how a Wilson-less Broncos might fare against the Chargers. I think my interest level equates to the interest I have in extracting my pubic hairs one by one, using a pair of rusty tweezers.

More interest than anyone I talk to living here.

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