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  1. How's that "soft" no vote looking to our clown collective these days?
  2. The socialists thoroughly enjoy a wee march and a placard or two. They don't enjoy working or having a bath.
  3. Beautiful. Scheme goblins on the rampage by the look of it.
  4. Oh dear, looks like the nat blogs havent been relaying the message this poll has for them. I can't blame them right enough.
  5. The latest poll is a complete and utter disaster for the yes lot. I'll leave you utter clowns to work out why.
  6. Congratulations to the Saintees. Finally got that trophy! Well deserved too.
  7. Flower will still be in the background doing some sort of coaching, but at best, I think this summer's series would have been his last in charge anyway but I think he decided to let someone new come in off the back of this debacle, probably under less pressure, and to get on with the rebuild especially as Flower wouldn't be seeing it through. I reckon thats reasonably honourable too as Flower could have initiated changes, then left and some other guy may or may not have agreed with it . He was definitely good for the test side but his shelf life was reached and at least he recognised this. As for Giles, I think he has the potential to do well in the role but they may as well invite some applications and see whats on the CV's There is plenty of time to get the man they want now anyway.
  8. He stepped down rather than was sacked, but it was probably the right thing to do regardless as he had jettisoned his role in the one day stuff anyway and it would be better for one guy to oversee the lot. Flower was very good for the test side but his style of playing cricket wasn't ever the most thrilling, a bit cautious at times but he DID get the results, three ashes series wins and that series win out in India being massive achievements. Interspersed with some huge dross against Pakistan, New Zealand and of course the latest series in Australia. Hopefully they appoint the right guy as there is still some excellent talent in the dressing room and there's no doubt they can come back from this latest mess.
  9. Ward can be a right good player when it's clicking for him and it clicked like f**k in the fourth and fifth sets last night. So GB need a win in either the doubles (not likely) or for Murray to beat Querrey (likely). And into the quarter finals we go. Hugely impressed with Ward last night and Querrey's bottle absolutely crashed at the same time.
  10. Yes, we are self determining. You'll have to deal with the resounding No vote. Unlucky
  11. Yes it was worth a listen, Swann in particular was just laying it on the table. He more or less confirmed what Id read el;sewhere in the interview I mentioned. Just said he wasn't able to spin the ball like he used to and therefore his variations in flight and the dip he used to get that deceived good batsmen was no longer there. He basically just said he couldn't get decent batsmen out any more and I take it that he meant also at county level never mind test level. A shame it ended so abruptly for him, but injury can do that to even the best unfortunately. Plus I dont think he liked being tanked around by tailenders, that probably hastened things. You could see on that ball revolution thing they produced during tests that Lyon was getting more rotation than Swann and Lyon is a mediocre test bowler at best. I thought it was a decent hour and a half show last night, they just dealt with a few things, scotched a few rumours and were quite frank about things. They mentioned Mitchel J as well and how surprised they were that he was boweling with accuracy as well as pace but that they should have been able to deal with it as he wasnt getting swing or movement. Fair comment. And talked about the sledging etc. It was decent if you can catch it.
  12. Said in another interview he wasn't getting the revs on the ball after the operation. No revs, no dip, no spin, no point continuing. He knew he was done. Listening to the show just now, not the usual "banter" thus far..
  13. Well worth looking into using a chin up bar. I got back twinges now and again form when I played cricket but havent had any problems whatsoever since. My back is as strong as it has even been and I think things like hanging leg raises and things you can do while hanging from the bar are great for your back as well as the core. I really don't understand why more people dont do chin up bar based exercises they are fucking brilliant.
  14. Stokes is going to bea big player for England in the years to come if he stays healthy. Looks like a top all rounder in the making.
  15. If you have a chin up bar you are sorted. I try and do a routine of chins, poulls hanging knee raises. I do it like this 8 reps, seven reps, five reps three reps, then two reps. Then change from cins to knee raises or pulls. Then try and do that whole thing twice or three times if you are mental. oiu dont really need to f**k about with weights too much either if you can doo all that. I'd try and do that every single day if possible. Takes no time at all, well worth it. Most folk steer well clear of chins and pull ups because they look like utter c***s when they can bench press their own body weight x2 yet can barely rattle out half a dozen chins. Its brilliant for your core too. Your stomach muscles will be in tremendous nick in no time.
  16. One of the best things you can do, if not THE best.
  17. Should I be stalking him around the forum claiming his credibility is fucked and he can't do "figures" 'n that? If I was remotely interested in anything he had to say then I might. But I simply can't be bothered. You can if you like?
  18. He's very upset indeed. But he has safety in numbers here and can return to the heaving bosom of the NCC to be stroked back to more stable state ready to throw more mighty barbs at his sworn enemies.
  19. Had a mini run in with that utter c**t Peter A Bell about much the same. He is under the illusion that everything is breaking the Yes way too. Delusions arseholes.
  20. Finns problems stem back to the flicking the bails offduring his delivery sometimes. That South African complained it was knocking his concentration and Finns law wasbrought in to make all these a no ball. Fair enough you may think, a bowler that bowls at over 90mph and was the youngest to 50 test wickets and was looking like a world class prospect and one of the best strike bowlers in test cricket, we can allow him to flick the bails off every now and again because in actual fact, it doesnt matter a f**k. This is a boy that has genuine pace and bowls a lot of shite which goes to the boundary but he alo gets top batsmen out with the odd pearler. We can live with this. No. The stupic c***s decide to start fucking around with his run up. This destroys his natural rythym and his confidence goes. And as line and length was never his game anyway they basically cost themselves a bowler who would have ripped through Australia in both series looking at how poor their top order was at times. c***s. I'm a bit of a fan of Finn asyou might guess, mainly because he has the potential to be a great fast bowler. He's only 24 so he has time, but the coaches seem to have no time for a bowler that is quite simply a strike bowler. He isnt going to bowl dry (although as he matures he will gain control) but he offers genuine hostile pace in the Mitchell Johnson, Dale Steyn mould. I really hope he comes back from this.
  21. And I said f**k off. I reckon I've managed to back up my reasons for declaring himself another cretinous branch of left wing national socialist authoritarian shite a lot better than any ad hominem attack from a lightweight such as yourself has ever managed. But then, like most knee jerk leftards, the way to attempt to silence any dissent is to attack the man, always. And if that doesn't work you types tend to resort to mass murder to silence or get rid of the types who don't toe the line in a manner that pleases. Again, history proves me right. How many millions died in the twentieth century thanks to retarded left wing ideologies?
  22. f**k off. Just because you choose not to accept national socialism and fascism as branches of your vile horrible left wing authoritarian spunkdrizzled religion doesn't mean I need to stop ramming it home that it's entirely a construct of left wing thinking. Hitler described himself and his party as socialists, and ran a left wing murderous authoritarian regime. Mussolini was a former commie that decided his version was better and called it fascism. Again, a stinky little nationalistic c**t just like Hitler and a whole host of other nasty little left wing shits.
  23. I showed you why they are talking utter bullshit. You had a wee tantrum about the figures until you realised I was using the exact same ones that Swinney does when he talks his pish. Now you promised you were going to produce your own version from the same source. Why didn't you?
  24. Yeah, the National Socialist German Workers Party were the epitome of a libertarian right wing movement. The leftards seem to be rigging political spectrum shite now. Interesting that although they distanced themselves from national socialism and fascism they still warmly embrace the rotten murderous corpse of communism. I think the word best describing these people is "arseholes".
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