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  1. Raith young team on the train seem to just have the one Scooter song which apparently involves going to the Premier League. You'll hear them soon.
  2. Dunfermline's last win was December 9th, Arbroath's last on December 16th. Quite a lot depends on whether they can both break that run or not.
  3. My old man died March 13th 2020, the day football was cancelled. I always thought he timed that to perfection!
  4. Everything about Rangers, everything about playing Rangers, is diabolical and depressing.
  5. I've watched a game from the Family Stand no problem. Just mind yer language!
  6. He was in our line of vision from the enclosure towards the railway end. Not remotely interested in the game.
  7. McGeady spent the whole of the first half and most of the second staring at his phone yesterday.
  8. Bullen looks utterly defeated in that interview. The constant chat about a lack of luck without a single reference to Arbroath's bad luck with injuries prior to and during the game, let alone the last minute penalty call (although I haven't seen it), was outrageous. I too can't see us getting out of this without a change to the backroom staff.
  9. I'd love to know the exact reason for this game being moved, given I could have made it on Saturday but not Friday night. There are enough games getting moved to Friday nights for the BBC. "Its close to Christmas" really doesn't cut it.
  10. No. In an ideal world we'd play it on Boxing Day. No idea why we no longer play games that day. Instead pre Christmas games like Raith away get shunted to a Friday night.
  11. At that age it probably is time to call it a day, although its unfortunate the timing of it and the scenes from what I've seen. It will be interesting to see where Arbroath go from here as they've probably improved the most out of all the clubs in Scotland over the last ten years or so.
  12. I was in a pub in Tarbert while I'm here looking after the old dear for the weekend, fizzing about missing the football and then absolutely raging at the score. Full of local *** fans, some of whom were trying to indulge in shite patter and about thirty odd in total in the pub. I go to the toilet disgusted we've lost, come out and saw the name "McGinty 90+6" and went mental as if I was at Balmoor. I could barely hear a pin drop Regardless of the shite season we're having its all about those moments.
  13. I've found it much easier this season getting served in the Hub although I tend not to buy anything after 2:30. The staff have definitely grown into their roles.
  14. We currently only have one Saturday fixture v Partick this season. Fitting in midweek league games yet reserving a Saturday in August for an early league cup game and finishing the league on a Friday night is the thought process of a bellend.
  15. Yes I've just seen that too, cheers. Think Scotrail were hasty with the message about suspended networks.
  16. Amber warnings issued now for the area and even red warnings further North. Not a chance.
  17. They did. I'm sure another Scottish club used that tune in the past from memory, possibly Forfar. I was expecting more recent tunes from the lad to be honest.
  18. There were loads of Dundee Utd fans in the Hub in the recent game, no problems either.
  19. I was one of them that couldn't make it but bought a match ticket, had to be done for a player that brought me so much joy over the years. Are there any programmes left from yesterday and if so will they be on sale in the shop on Saturday?
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