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  1. Again it's opinions, we all have them and they aren't always right. As I said above the "deifying" wasn't directly at you but in general some of the nonsense & talking up of managers.with poor records that are some how great because of "England". Your opinions just caught a nerve after reading so many about possible names in the frame.
  2. That is true, but his ONLY decent stat has him backed by Billionaire Tan. I agree that stats do not show the state of the.club, budget etc, but to me it looks like he is a success with money, but this "forlock tugging, English league, English League please help us poor Scottish yokels" deifying of some folk because they worked in England gets on my tits. I' m not saying you are taking it that far, but of all the names allegedly interviewed/interested McClaren blows Malky out the water, bit he's a "clown". For me his record IS poor other than Cardiff.
  3. Remember kids, don't do drugs! Seriously he needs to take his own advice "DONT BELIEVE ALL YOU READ/HEAR, AND ONLY BELIEVE HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE."
  4. I wasn't saying that the other clubs were making, or requiring,.or wanted to make any representations to the court. Merely depending on legal makeup of SPFL would they be allowed to see the SPFL's response due to being members etc? As seeing what their organisation was doing in respons
  5. Yes its a typo (or rather bloody annoying auto correct). In exactly the same was as my dealings with criminal reports and evidence.
  6. But remember almost every close season "Bring Goodie home" I also hate the fact that McClaren (spelt it right!!) Is a clueless Muppet, yet Malky is a far higher pedigree than anyone else. Which is utter bollocks when you look at their records. McClaren 18 years as a manager, 9 clubs & international including a couple of basket cases and in 3.countries has a win ratio of 44.2% Malky has 3 clubs and 1 game as international manager and has a win ratio of 37% I know statistics do not tell the full story with regard how much money they had to spend in relation to competition,condition club was in before they took over, but even ignoring his controversies (to put it mildly) I wouldn't want him for his record. Laszlo has a 40.2% win ratio in Scotland
  7. Would also add, if that is the letter in question, exactly what are they frightened of by releasing it? Why could it not be discussed like everything else on Sportsound? Definitely a point making statement aimed at a specific audience, but done publicly.
  8. Would Heart's & Thistle's issue be with this "If SPFL Member Clubs wish to receive copies of the documents lodged, then it would be necessary for each of them to apply to the court to become a respondent in the action and to lodge its own individual (or potentially joint) answers, or at least to formally associate itself with the existing answers of the three promoted clubs. If any Member is considering doing so, then it should contact Rod McKenzie and he will be pleased to advise on the required procedure and the options available." I could understand that DU,RR,CR response.could not be given out, but would the SPFLs not be available to member clubs. This being due to the fact that they are the.SPFL & that is HMFC & PT's complaint? Due to HMFC & PT being the other side in the court action I would have thought they would get to see the response anyway.
  9. I'd love to hear how this was fiddled? Please don't mention "suspicious it was never received, as that doesn't happen, check spam folder" etc type comment. But if you can show, truthfully, that something went on that was dodgy, that was in contravention of Companies Act 2006 sections 296-298. Thanks
  10. Other than Cardiff, he's been rank rotten at his other clubs, never mind his texts!
  11. Apologies. Can't be any worse than for 5 years no one could spell Rankin correctly, even though his name was written over the back of his jersey every game!
  12. Not one in the Robertson camp, but that's being a little unfair. His Hearts managerial career was during the revolving door policy during Romanov's time. He did get them 5th in league and 2 semis. Livi was poor, Derry doesn't look good on paper, bit took them out of relegation to mid table. Was only sacked after new chairman and BoD came in. His over all record is not too bad although only really Hearts at a "high" level.
  13. Seeing rumours that Steve McLaren was one of those interviewed. Although also read on another forum that we says they had spoken to someone in United that said it's Malky.
  14. Sounds like he's forgotten to put his false teeth in. If he's had some medical issue then I wish him well, as much as I disagree with him & find his output recently of a poor standard, I wish him no personal "harm".
  15. Exactly, no more so than any other court case over his career. All this dramatisation of events does get quite draining.
  16. Seeing names mentioned by Scott Burns & that there will be 12 prospective managers interviewed "Tranmere Rovers boss Micky Mellon, ex-Birmingham City manager Steve Cotterill and Stoke City assistant Billy McKinlay have come under consideration for the Dundee United job, writes Scott Burns. The Tannadice club have interviewed around 12 candidates in the past few days."
  17. I know the podcast you're refering to. Tom couldn't fathom why Les Gray wouldn't come on. Did he not say something like if he had justification or a valid argument he would come on and debate it, there is no other side or they would come on? No self awareness that there is maybe no point if you get talked down to, treated like an idiot (when not justified) purely for holding a different opinion.
  18. You might want to read that back out loud standing in front of a mirror. No there are vast numbers of them. Most NORMAL people have no issue with differing views. I have no issue with what my club, or how ANY club voted in the open and democratic vote taken due to Shut down of all sport Inability to continue season Financial difficulties faced by many clubs due to no income Complications, due to new broadcasting contract for new season. What I have issue with is myopic, tunnel vision that states "everybody else other than my view is wrong", type attitudes. There is no black and white there is shades of grey. If people have read the proposals that have been voted on, really read them, not the headline but the small print. The small print that we do not appear to have seen but the clubs have (I assume Tom English has) and have them voted for what ever side they felt in their understanding to be the best option how can they be "wrong"? I would have thought an intelligent, experienced journalist would understand that. Might disagree with the outcome, but understand that. Both he and the show are struggling to comprehend that. I can fully except other opinions, as said, but really cannot stand, condescending attitudes, such as yourself and Tom English's recent output, talking over people, telling them their opinion is wrong, arguing from a position using untruths (ICT's statements), ignoring facts because they don't fit rather than accepting them & realising the shades of grey. There is more but as you STILL cannot engage without name-calling and put forward arguments that I am mistaken (will hold my hands. up and accept that, as.you can not be right all the time ), or indeed show humility where it can be shown his arguments have NOT been balanced nor accepted the nuances that others' opinions may have, I can only assume you have neither the ability nor facts to back it up.
  19. How is it? Please explain using a coherent argument. He is paid by a public broadcaster that we all have to pay for. He is not being open minded nor balanced. He IS however being dismissive, condescending and obtuse. He will not accept arguments put forward from people involved with other clubs ( doesn't have to agree, but accept where they are coming from). He is twisting the truth, misquoting people, and ignoring truths if they do not fit. Everybody is wrong except him. Sorry but that is bollocks! The hypocrisy in some of his protestations as been "off the charts". Some of his behaviour and writings have been childish in the extreme. He IS supposed to be a professional journalist & is BBC Scotland's chief sports writer, therefore he should be going for the 3 sides to the story. What side A says, what side B says and then the truth. He has shown none of that. This is coming from someone who prior to all this.would support him whether I agreed or not with his take ie respected him as a journalist. If he was on a fan podcast - acceptable If he was on a commercial station - acceptable (or at least they aren't built on journalistic integrity and need to "jazz" things up for listeners/advertising). In a fanzine - acceptable On a public service broadcaster, with clear guidelines, paid for out of my pocket - unaceptable He is not alone in this, the Sportsound output over last 8 weeks has been poor and one sided. Until the court papers were lodged I didn't have a vested interest in this, so I had no "bias" towards a side, no direct emotional attachment to any side. But the show is becoming unlistenable. They have had multiple complaints, from fans across the Scottish football spectrum, is everyone anti Hearts? Really?
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