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  1. If it's DFC-92 comments, the poster is complementary in his/her post.
  2. Great post Liam. Unusual for us we're now quite a young side with old heads like O'Dea and Gowser keeping them on their toes.
  3. O'Hara as 1 of 3 centrehalfs is a good shout, which would also allow Hartley to play his latest midfield signing. O'Dea would talk him through the game and help keep him right. Having seen Julen at both penalties it's hard to believe he'd be as stupid to commit the same foul at the 2nd one. He's just not learning from his previous errors.
  4. Eh phuckin love and miss GGH so much Thanks JockyJ.
  5. Kevin Brands scored 2 goals today on his 2nd start for his new club. Could've been the ideal signing. Maybe next time Hartley can keep potential signings away from Arbroath on a Tuesday night in January.
  6. Oh ma sides. I'm sure the dabbie Fed supporters issued a statement last week regarding questions for Sir Stevo Thompson. One was that they've heard the filth will run out of money by the end of the season. Off ye pop to the Fundesliga forum, thank you x
  7. Sorry, just went for the 'Owl Without Feathers" look!
  8. No. Takes Wighton's Place until he replaces last week's baffies with a pair o futba bates.
  9. I'll be the optimist on here. January 31 2017 will finally be the transfer deadline day our club does us proud. In. Greg Stewart, Hemmings, Tansey, Dicker, Swanson. Out. Williams, Duffy, Yordi, Low, Vincent.
  10. No so sure. To be far that was the one I thought was maybe a bit harsh but never a Premier League centrehalf.
  11. Just need a couple of fullbacks to complete my 'Hartley' flop XI' team. Didn't want to put too many of this summer's signings in Schenk Konrad Meggat Duffy, Stephen McGinn, Low, Williams Tankulic, Roberts.
  12. Tam your club's times up at the end of the season. 6 of your starting 11 are out of contract in the summer, with McLean the only 1 likely to re-sign.
  13. Saw yesterday's calamity coming as soon as the draw was made simply because it's us. Potentially 5 former Dees lining up against us plus a 3 week winter break thrown into the mix. Totally unacceptable though. His double subby killed us. Williams and Duffy are nowhere near good enough for what we require or expect. I'm not one for wanting managers sacked as it's not worked out for us in the past but the signing of Williams on a 3 year deal is a sackable offence on its own. A winger that never looks to go forward and beat a man. Instead he goes hiding in the middle of the park. Some great players last year up at Inverness yet we pick this fraud. Also of all the players not getting much game time at Celtic we pick up Duffy, phuck me! PH's horrendous cup runs have saw us miss out on a lot of extra cash during his tenure. Yesterday's effort was another unacceptable result. Loy should only have been loaned out once a replacement was signed.
  14. I thought the party line was that we didn't relegate them they just got relegated over the whole season....
  15. It's fantastic to know that it was us that put the filth in such a sh!te situation which has resulted in them fielding such a sh!te side. They had a better side under Mixu than they do now.
  16. My dab acquaintance's low down on Edinjelly is "Big Phil fae Rising Damp is a kerthorse and is as sh!te as Durnan and Donaldson" It's a no thanks from me then FifeFilth, thank you x
  17. Nonsense, none of those 3 would get in our team. Fraser's sh!te and my Dab acquaintance tells me the other 2 are kerthorses.
  18. Don't underestimate how phucking marvellous it is to have relegated the filth, thank you x. The dirty dayglos are haemorrhaging money but dinnae let that worry you......
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