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  1. Have we ever won a play-off? I don’t think we have.
  2. I just don’t understand why he has moved to a formation that isn’t working and hasn’t done for weeks. We were fine in the first half, the change in formation in the second half has killed any sort of “momentum”.
  3. We’ve been awful. Looks like we’ve reverted to 3-5-2 in the second half and have looked worse, completely disjointed.
  4. He had half the goal to aim for, and didn’t even aim the ball towards it.
  5. Southport fans said he was one of be best players they had seen in years. It’s almost as if there is a massive gap between the quality of the lower English leagues and the Scottish Championship.
  6. Can’t beat bottom of the league Arbroath at home. Last 3 home games in a row have resulted in one point, one goal scored and 9 conceded. It’s not good enough, and we should demand better. McPake out.
  7. Not really understanding the criticism here, we could play him at centre-back and he would be an improvement.
  8. I burst out laughing reading the first line of that article.
  9. Are we 100% sure the water cooler isn’t Paul Allan?
  10. If you're a normal functioning adult then it's incredibly easy to not throw an item onto the pitch.
  11. Yeah, I don't know why, but the router really doesn't like our official website.
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