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  1. The Saudis better put their hands in their pockets for Bivol-Beterbiev.
  2. Pierce has never even been a co-ordinator in the league. I'd be stunned if he got offered a HC job anywhere other than Vegas and even there I'd be surprised if he got it. Harbaugh would be, by a distance, my #1 choice for the Chargers.
  3. A team like Alabama should never have a QB as bad as Milroe. Surely one of the freshmen they have are better.
  4. This somehow much worse than I expected it to be. There's a very strong chance we don't score another offensive touchdown for the rest of the season.
  5. There isn't 6 good conferences. Journalists don't pick the playoff rankings.
  6. Alabama, Texas and Georgia are all better than Florida State imo but them not getting is a shock.
  7. I reckon: 1.Michigan 2.Washington 3. Florida State 4. Alabama ---------- 5. Georgia 6.Texas 7. Ohio State They might make Washington #1 so they can get Michigan-Alabama in the final, rather than the semi, but I doubt it.
  8. Michigan will win comfortably I imagine. If Florida state lose it'll be Georgia and Bama both in, if they win it'll be carnage.
  9. Refs on one early here.
  10. Little known fact about Tommy DeVito, he actually still lives at home with his parents and get this, their house is near the Giants stadium. Surprised commentators or the media haven't mentioned this before.
  11. That was a bullshit penalty tbf. The Lions player lowers his head into him, not much he can do about it.
  12. Super_A

    Week 7

    All the throwback uni's are better than the current ones.
  13. Nevermind. They won it for them in the end.
  14. Mahomes throwing 2 picks and the refs not throwing a flag on either of them has to be the most shocking moment of the season, I don't think anything else will come close.
  15. Super_A

    Week 2

    Might put a grand on the Giants not scoring any points this season.
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