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  1. Got there before me, well, kinda. I was going to say we shouldn't legalise it because all they'll do is tax it.
  2. Are you still playing the FIFA tournament?

  3. Agreed. GTA's Gameplay since 3 has been spectacular for its eras. IV was scrutinised for its driving mechanics, but I thought it was fine. Wait until nearer to releasing the game if you want to see a real glimpse of gameplay. But for now, enjoy the fact buying and selling property, modifiying cars, having a big map to explore and 3 unique characters are being drip fed to us up until September 17th
  4. This thread and forum is essentially people just posting their opinions on wrestling, whether people want to read them or not. My Mania reviews are just an example of that. Sorry, I thought it might have been some sort of bigger picture you were doing it for. Requests or something.
  5. I cant be bothered with reading back in the thread as to why DomDom posts those old cards so if someone would kindly tell me that would be swell. No offence intended to DomDom either by the way. Does anyone read it?
  6. They look a bit like Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer reps. She is actually a good looking lassie.
  7. OK, heres another couple I'm sure havent been. This is more of a suggestive way how they might apply the economy in GTA. Looks exciting but really wishful thinking. Part 3 not out yet.
  8. I don't watch NFL but this is just brilliant!
  9. New GTA V video from Rockstar on Tuesday. Until then I just watched this and it brought back some really fun gaming memories:
  10. Explain please. Did you read my post? Its about the here and now, not something I wasn't around to see. Evidently I am indifferent to what people do who, like yourself lived in those times. My post was aimed at youngsters around my age who are on the same boat as me, yet they are celebrating her death as if they were affected or they have some sense of nostalgia for what it was like when they worked down the mines.
  11. I'm not mourning the death of Maggie Thatcher, nor am I 'celebrating it'. I don't know what it was like in the days when she was prime minister however I seem to see a lot of young people my age 'celebrating' her death. How many of them do you think could do an honest days work down the pits anyway? Not only that, but by looking at the picture in the sun, the rather large woman at George Square does not strike me as an honest hard working lady, which makes me wonder also. I think most of these people don't work and therefore have too much time on their hands, so we'll probably be seeing them the next time there is a protest about bedroom tax,demanding the deportation of some nomark Al Quaeda operative but until then,stay classy.
  12. That would be good, however I don't think with the new T-shirt and all, it won't happen
  13. Are you not supposed to cash the MITB before Wrestlemania?
  14. Post WM crowd Hopefully we see a new or returning face tonight like last year.
  15. A rides just a w**k with someone to talk to IMO
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