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  1. Thats the kind of shouting down I was talking about right there, though not directed at me. The 2016 manifesto? I think we could nitpick at parts of the SNP (or any political party) manifesto that is and isn't being implemented all day back and forth though, given Scotland's education rating is the worst in history despite a pledge to invest and improve every child in the countries education regardless of class. Further back, in 2015, we were told about an improvement in transport and shortly after Abellio got the contract for Scotlands Railway network (despite being rated one of the lowest performing in Europe), we continue to see Abellio underperforming. Again, we could go back and forth about contents of any political party not sticking to pledges. But cherry picking the bits that suit the First Minister is exactly what I mean when I said that she wants a referendum to suit her own Independence dream. For the record I do like Nicola Sturgeon as a First Minister and overall The SNP have done a good job in keeping a balance for Scots. Its just this particular issue I have my back up about! A vote for the SNP isn't a vote for Scottish independence.
  2. I do agree with you on using the EU position as ammunition to keep Scotland from voting to leave the UK, however David Cameron Pledged to have an in/out referendum back in 2013, long before the Scottish IndyRef.
  3. Usually I refrain from posting on any politics threads on here due to being shot down, but here goes. I think its clear that Nicola Sturgeon is using the Brexit Vote as political gain for her own independence dream. Our first minister continually tells us that Scotland voted to remain in the EU. 62% of Scotland voted to remain, leaving 38% voting to leave the EU. But isn't it interesting that the latest BMG poll shows that similar number of 61.5% do not want a re-run of a Scottish Independence referendum yet it continues to be driven by her. Not only that, but our First Minister going to England to campaign to vote to stay within the EU has to legitimise her acceptance that it was a UK wide vote.
  4. thereisalight, given the fact that this made national press on the day of the disaster, the police and governing bodies used national press to label the fans as the culprits of the disaster, do you not think its apt to have the campaign as one in the national press? The football club, and its supporters naturally gave support to the families, which as a result will come up on TV screens because of the scale of LFC and the league they play in. Although I do understand why you might think the way you do, when you take into account these things above and the fact that none of the victims families are likely to pursue a job on TV after all of this, I would be sure this was all done for the correct reasons. If a family member of mine died at a football match in these circumstances, and the evidence that was shown in the likes of Anne Williams and Margaret Aspinal's cases, and 15 year old boy's dead bodies were being tested for alcohol in their bloodstream, when the Sun newspaper and Kelvin Mackenzie accused fans of pickpocketing victims and urinating on emergency services that were trying to help and when there was a clear cover up, I'd be looking at getting national recognition for the injustice that occurred on that day. It isn't just a victory for these families either, I think its much more than that.
  5. WWE Blogger Diva â€@wwebloggerdiva 5m 5 minutes ago The group that brought #BeachBall just got kicked out. #letthemstay chant started. #ThisIsRacist too @TheFansPodcast #RawAfterMania #RAW 42 retweets42 likes Reply Retweet 42 Like 42 More
  6. Theres something missing from Corbyn.
  7. JBL 'They boo who they normally cheer.'
  8. Bayley will definitely be on tonight during that presentation
  9. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/woman-spontaneously-combusts-while-sitting-150528734.html#Hr9gu65 The Comments section. Particularly 'Cassandra'
  10. I wonder how much I would get it for if I traded in Farcry 4. Ive got it early from GForce and its honkin.
  11. I would like to learn how apps and games are made.
  12. I would like to learn some basics of Programming and coding. Does anyone have any recommendations for beginners to learn for free? I have been looking at free lectures from Massachusetts Instutute of Technology, who use a programme called Python. Is this a good place to start?
  13. I thought this was an informative, sensible read until you mentioned Rangers.
  14. liverpool 3-0 £2.50 got me £72.50
  15. 'depression by throbber' on the main page. couldn't resist.
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