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  1. I would Imagine this would be the case. Online Mode is supposedly a totally different game from GTA V. For anyone interested, I'm setting up a crew along the lines of the Lost MC. Gimme a message if any of you want to join
  2. Mon lads, mon we'll all go round and get a game on the PC. LOL
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LuZWi4c6gc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKosWhRVd5U
  4. Get it for 4.97 if you send in 2 games from an extensive list at gamestop
  5. Sorry, I wasn't aware we had posters who are members of the parades commission.
  6. Why does she want to meet your girlfriend?
  7. There is no need to obsess prolong the clocks being changed back to 1690. Its all over for another year. I don't see the point in advocating/moaning about it. I don't even bother with the OO.
  8. do it here: http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php/topic/3640-new-users-please-read/page-49
  9. I won't buy the PS4 until I complete this. ETA: I won't buy it unless they add the #racistvan
  10. All I will hear at work tomorrow is: druttt dut dut dut dut dut dut dut, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOMtish, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOMtish, weeeeed deeeeed ddeeeee deeeed, feeeeddeeeddeeeddeeeeddeeeeddeeeeeddeeeed
  11. Had to win 4 games from my final 4 to win Div 1 on Ultimate team. Beat on the first one with a 90th minute goal. Broke my controller
  12. I actually have never seen a show like that before. I was never big on Bruce Springsteen up until tonight, yet probably the Best gig I have ever been to. Had to laugh at the guy with the slayer shirt on sticking his tongue out and making the rock on sign/ metal sign on the big screen during the Jazziest part of the show
  13. I went to cognitive behavioural therapy. My therapist done nothing but try to get me to think delusional and try to claim I was an alcoholic. I am 21 and I drink over the weekends. No matter what spin he put on my biggest situation, eventually something has got to give, (a select few of my dad's side of the family know I exist) so I felt like all I was doing was building myself up to be knocked down when it does eventually come to a head. My Grandparents (who I am in contact with) aren't getting any younger and the time will come when they pass away. I have kept a lid on things for my Dad and their sake. He should probably have came clean about the whole thing to my step sisters years ago, but I appreciate we all make mistakes. What I have learned myself to do is to generally not give much thought for other people and start looking out for number 1. The correct time for me to tell them they have a brother. The ball is in my court and Its up to me do deal with things responsibly. Its not their fault. A time when it wont cause as much upset as it would just now. But I have learned to accept that I may not be able to pay my respects to my Grandparents who stuck by me, and were put in the position to hide their own Grandson, but thats neither on my conscience or their's. Thats the cards I've been dealt with in the lottery of life, so theres no point in being defined by it. I've contacted my dad for the first time last september for 15 years, we have an understanding, I have a good life and there are millions out there in worse positions for me. Luckily although I have a dad who is not much more than an acquaintance, I have a wonderful Mother, and step dad. What I do is set myself up with the worst and think about how bad it really is. Once I see its not as bad as first thought, strategise every possible outcome, ensuring I come out the other end with people knowing I dealt with it in a respectful, calm and dignified manner.
  14. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11669/8759104/Transfer-News-Atletico-Madrid-focused-on-Diego This cheered me up. Diego Simeone has admitted that Wolfsburg star Diego is the only player that he has asked Atletico Madrid to sign him this summer. Los Colchoneros' boss is hopeful that a deal can be done with both the Spanish outfit and the player himself trying to pish through a transfer.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o0LmPO-fJA
  16. Those Radio 1 live lounge albums have some real horrors. I remember our science teacher, who always tried to be a cool teacher brought one of the albums in on our last day of school. He was all chuffed with himself. Bless.
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