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  1. Reporter: 'theres blood on your shirt Jim' Jim Murphy: '......Its not mine' Talk about opportunistic.
  2. is it possible they maydayed over the Glasgow Royal, fuel ditched over the St.Enoch. Then tried to land? I've heard that from an unreliable source.
  3. Who are all these lassies? I assume they're all from Dundee
  4. I should contact the authorities. Thats my centre half in my FM 13 22/23 season.
  5. I do something similar. I pick folk up from tight situations with the police, set my car entrance to no-one and give them 'the bird' out the window whilst the feds pick them off.
  6. I reckon I will need to join or recruit a crew some time soon. Doing the missions alone will soon catch up with me.
  7. And on the 2nd one, you never gave me my 40% Cut! We'll get some stuff done this afternoon if you are up for it. Missions etc
  8. Brendan has openly said this is what he wants to do. I think its a little too early to be doing it though.
  9. I sniped the train driver, but the train just kept going.
  10. Hope you sticky bombed the fruit stall en route.
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