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  1. Noticed the Sun on Sunday had more column inches of reports of the two games than most of the cup games, shape of things to come obviously.
  2. The annoying thing for me is that (purely selfishly) I actually would like to see a 12 club Championship run along the same format as the top league as it would give Airdrie a much better chance of promotion, however if the cost is letting the mini scum in - no way!
  3. If you dont apply it might reflect badly on you (think we had these ones recently though)
  4. Put it down to a senior moment - sorry (threre,s always change at Agnews as the old ad used t say)
  5. Aye Well the die has been cast on the managerial front, not totally convinced but sometimes it is better the Devil you know etc. Happy to see that it is a one year extension as if he does not do the business this coming season then he should definitely not be given longer, that said it might give the management team the motivation to succeed. Given the trouble Falkirk are having selecting a suitable replacement we have probably done the best we can. As has already been said it is now up to Murray and Aitken to find a squad that can achieve promotion, this league is winnable this year - Falkirk are still in a mess, Cove are not invincible, Alloa are possibly on the wain and I am not convinced about this so called Juggernaut that is Queens Park, we managed 2nd this year despite not being consistent, so if we can get rid of the dead wood and bring in some good signings we potentially could just do it. You don't often hear me being optimistic but I think this could be the best chance we have had for many years.
  6. Talking of Football Games - I used to have this one - Penalty Football Cards it was actually one of the best football games I played.
  7. If you are ever up in Edinburgh make a point of visiting the Museum of Childhood on the Royal Mile, a very interesting place but made me feel bloody old when I saw the number of toys I used to have listed as Museum artefacts..
  8. Model railways - was, is and always will be my favourite! Had loads of model cars as my Dad was car mad and tried to get me interested put never got into the Scalextric thing, liked Lego and other contruction kits
  9. We are of course assuming that the Colt teams field a full strength team for each match. It is known that the OF like to have their youth teams take part in various glamorous overseas youth tournaments, if this happens during the main part of the season, do they forfeit the Lowland League match, play a second string youth team or what? If that could influence final league standings I would say that it is another unfair influence that their presence would have.
  10. So where does big Ger Cafferty fit in with all this?
  11. Totally agree, made that point already in this thread. Premier Reserve League is where these teams should be. I don't buy the idea that the young players would get more experience playing Dalbeattie Star or University of Stirling than playing Hibs Reserves or Aberdeen Reserves, yet places are there for them and the OF refuse to take that option up, why?
  12. Does the Cockwomble even know there are more than two teams in Glasgow?
  13. Amazing what autocorrect comes up with, makes it even funnier[emoji1787]
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