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  1. saw this cartoon on another forum, made me chuckle wryly
  2. Agreed - the point I was trying to make is that they seem to be free of a lot of the baggage that the older clubs have so a larger proportion of their income (wherever it comes from) can be thrown at the playing side.
  3. If we do not get out f this league this year, I fear that barring league reconstruction we may never get out (not in my lifetime anyway). The great experiment that is the pyramid system is working, the dead wood from Division 2 is getting culled out and replaced by ambitious lean teams like Cove and Kelty, unfortunately their ambition is not resticted to just division 1, they want to go as high as their limited stadium facilities allow, which is currently the Chamionship. I fear that as a result the so called "Seaside League" could soon be renamed the "Graveyard League" with more "big" clubs that have been used to Championship/Premier status and having the burdon of larger Premier standard stadia finding themselves down at this level. We have found it a real struggle to get back up, Falkirk are now experiencing the same pain and there is every chance that next years Division 1 could feature any two from Dunfermiline, Morton, Ayr or QOS. That would give a potential league (just for example sake) of Dunfermline, Morton, Airdrie, Falkirk, Queens Park, Dunbarton, Kelty Hearts, Clyde, Peterhead and Alloa. Given the ambition of Kelty and money being poured into Queens Park, they will want to challenge for promotion and keep the others down, then potentially adding others like Ayr and Hamilton. Life definately is not going to get easier in this league.
  4. Billy Connolly needs to modify his famous phrase "Upper Class and Royalty do not do Jobbies" to add "and TIme Lords and companions"
  5. This is a real place in Truro https://theceltictossers.co.uk/ can you imagine the uproar if they opened a brnch in Glasgow
  6. The Draw and spare time on my hands led me to look back and see when was the last time that we won a Scottish Cup tie against a team in a league above us, unfortunately our recent poor cup form meant that I had to go back to 2006 when we beat Dunfermline 4-3 away in that memorable match https://dafc.co.uk/fixture.php?SID=First Team&D=2006-01-07&ID=289
  7. Totally agree with the above statements, despite being top of the league our record so far this year against the clubs sitting 2nd to 4th is W0 D1 L2, so I think that it is psycologically important to chalk up a win on Saturday
  8. Already mentioned on another thread - think John Beaton, Bobby Madden , Andrew Dallas and Willie Collum will stay in Scotland though
  9. Your lot made the back pages for all the wrong reasons today - "Wullie Gibson die in your sleep" is being reported as the disgraceful chant from the Somerset Park terracing.
  10. I swigged many a bottle of that on the old terracing at Broomfield Altogether now - "One Sweet Pomagne, theres only one Sweet Pomagne"
  11. Met Pete Waterman at a model railway exhibition in Glasgow, Pete is right into his model trains. Literally bumped into Boris Johnstone at GAtwick Airport, he was hurrying for a plane and barged past me, bugger never even sayed sorry.
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