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  1. Reminiscent of you lot in 2004, your bottle record is still safe
  2. After what Juan Cayasso did in 990 I'm surprised any Scotsman worth their salt would want to visit Costa Rico
  3. Don't think the wider world has been fully informed of the format for the rest of the season, Oddschecker still has East Fife as 20/1 to win the league this morning, think that might just be a wasted bet somehow.
  4. Not sure that they would still be the case. An unexpected outcome of bringing new clubs into the league is that more teams that are historically been at Championship level are dropping to div 1 and finding it hard to get back out. With more ambitious clubs rising though the pyramid it will get even harder. I reckon there are 16 clubs that are Championship standard so increasing the size of the league totally makes sense to me
  5. I feel that this is a must win match that will make or break the season. If we lose we will be 4 points off a playoff place even if Montrose fail to beat Cove, that will be a real handicap going into the post split as we will be playing teams that (Falkirk aside) we have not performed well against so it would be a struggle to get that playoff place.
  6. The big plan to get us out of league 1 is that the leagues are going to be reconstructed next year with the Championship and League 1 combined as a 20 team league to be known as the "super seaside" league. League 2 and the 5 top teams from the highland league and lowland league will be combined as the "Super Diddy League"
  7. Don't know what was more enjoyable, the win last night or the incredible seethe from Falkirk and Partick "supporters" post match and this morning, makes our criticism of Murray look like some friendly banter. Some of the comments on those other threads are jaw dropping - "Do a Clydebank" WTF?
  8. Someone posted a few days ago that there were serious problems behind the scenes at the club. Last three results suggest that is true and now the teams performance us being badly affected. Time we knew what was going on.
  9. Eat, sleep, watch AIrdrie fall into the usual Spring doldrums and fail to get out of this league, repeat
  10. Comfortably Numb Whats uh the deal When the Tigers broke Free Breathe On the Turning Away plus a wee bit of trivia, younger readers will probably not know that "Run like Hell" was used by the BBC for Sportscene for a number of year
  11. The stadium debacle was just downright bad planning. The comparison is made with St Johnstone, who got it exactly right, new stadium was planned and built while the old one was still in use, they seamlessly flitted from one to the other in the close season. Airdrie on the other hand totally failed to ensure that planning permission was in place and the project was "shovel ready" before committing to move out of Broomfield hence the wilderness years at Broadwood. Sometimes I wonder if the "old" Airdrie would be given the change of league structure and the emergence of Hamilton, Livingstone and the Highland Old Firm of Caley and Ross County. We usually sat somewhere between 4th and 10th in the old 14 team league, now given that those four clubs have established themselves in the Championship and Premier League that is four places that have knocked not just us down a peg or two, but have also resulted in the more regular Premier league dwellers down to the Championship, given that there are four places fewer in the Championship (OK two additional in the Premier) there is a much greater chance that we would have faced relegation
  12. Not many magnanamous comments from " the best fans in the world" so far
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