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  1. Id like to see Annan have a team in the SOS next season TBH., Im hoping its on Wullie to do list,
  2. I’ll be surprised if Ayr not competing at the top of that table next season. They seam to be doing the right things on and off the park.
  3. This is the second time you’ve questioned a post from me. Why on earth would i make it up ? Scotland has a 1st minister to do that. For your info my shoulder responds well to warmer weather, now i appear to have a pain in the arse.
  4. I see on the QOS forum they’re debating who’s going to be in the bottom two with us already.
  5. Wow a PHD in rocket science is needed to follow this. Fact is change isn’t happening soon fact. Id start with Prem & championship as are regionalism north south 2x leagues of 16 playing each other home away. North v south final etc
  6. Indeed it takes time, especially when starting from scratch like us. On the positive side we now have a manager who knows the importance for tiny wee clubs like Annan in the shadow of the big team !!!!!!!!!!
  7. You make a good point, although Murphy can take no credit for those lads being good enough to play for Annan. I notice Gretna have U17/20 for the 24/25 season which is very commendable and the way forward. Wullie is basically starting from scratch on this, but he ( Peter, Greg ) know exactly what he/they are doing IMO. Any step forward in putting building blocks in place for Annan to produce their own players is a massive step.
  8. It would be wise IMO for Dalbeattie to enjoy success in the SOS and improve/ grow as a club for the time being. Gretna i feel are in a similar position, i hope all their hard work creating youth teams at U17/20 ( BRILLIANT) will not overshadowed by the 1st getting a hiding every week.
  9. Well let’s see what develops. Plenty time to go until the new season, and much work for both managers to do. The article in the last edition of AO makes unbelievable reading on the subject of dosh.
  10. Budget is the in word ( or potentially lack of it )on the QOS forum, I’m sure you’ve read plenty. Prior to and on his appointment Murphy was praised again by QOS fans regarding his ability for youth development. Wullie and his new team will be fine I’m more than happy with the coaching team he’s assembled.
  11. Thankfully still two left. Unfortunately were still burdened with the reincarnation.
  12. Listen to his interviews. He talks in Irish mind. Loads of references in here. You don’t mention the youth development comment ?
  13. Youth development Will be new ( and no given ) at Annan. Since SPFL entry not one Annan lad has made a debut via any youth team.
  14. Im having a wee chuckle reading the QOS forum comments today. They’re saying it looks like Murphy will have a smaller budget than MB now. Murphy is quoted that the budget was the attraction, QOS quoted a reason on for his appointment was his track record for youth development. Please advise if I’m missing something here. Wullie WILL develop youth football at the club ive no doubt, lets hope we can get things right of the park which is long overdue.
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