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  1. From a standing start the response is very very encouraging. After speaking to someone today IM IN. Let’s all support Wullie and his coaching staff.
  2. The owner/founder was interviewed on radio Scotland this morning smart guy. As were ICT fans after their meeting last night. They would rather do a Rangers than see training etc moved to Fife as they see it as the thin edge of the wedge, and would rather start again in Inverness with local players under a new name ( because you can’t possibly kid on its the same club after administration ) Interesting subject to keep an eye on.
  3. Your answer was NO in that case, Jesus touched a nerve there WOW. Please dont concern yourself with Annan Athletics future.
  4. simple question really ? Unless you are inside Holyrood on a Thursday lunchtime being asked an even simpler question.
  5. On your questioning about Murphy the answer is no. Kissed the Blarney Stone.
  6. Im glad we agree on the Buckie issue. Did Beith enter the competition at the start on the season knowingly that a playoff place was impossible?
  7. Ex Annan and certainly the type of Character required along with Peter Watson and Greg Fleming. Now even you my friend would agree with that ? Just need Ross Goodwin now. And a team to compete.
  8. Everyone is pleased Greg is now Annan goalkeeping coach, a probable no brainier for Not necessarily? It’s good news Greg has agreed to take on that role ( well done Wullie) but it certainly doesnt mean he can’t/wont play until he’s developed a suitable successor.
  9. There is a miss understanding here doesn’t matter
  10. Tell you what why not take all the non SPFL teams ( especially juniors ) out of the Scottish cup too as they have no chance of winning it ? At least Dalbeattie didn’t fake it a la Buckie & Beith.
  11. Id like to see Annan have a team in the SOS next season TBH., Im hoping its on Wullie to do list,
  12. I’ll be surprised if Ayr not competing at the top of that table next season. They seam to be doing the right things on and off the park.
  13. This is the second time you’ve questioned a post from me. Why on earth would i make it up ? Scotland has a 1st minister to do that. For your info my shoulder responds well to warmer weather, now i appear to have a pain in the arse.
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