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  1. A couple of observations about Tidser: How did he avoid being booked today as guilty of two late professional fouls plus constant whinging to ref. How did he manage to not get subbed given his legs were gone at half time & he was blowing big time in last 30 mins.
  2. Hearing your club’s cash flow challenges means you can’t afford to sack JR at this stage which must be frustrating given that Billy Reid is waiting in the wings willing to help out & get you back to your rightful position & prospect of local derbies again………. ………with East Kilbride in the Lowland league.
  3. My post was trying to draw Todd is Gon back to the forum as very quiet without him…….
  4. But will the crowd make double figures though
  5. That last sentence is somewhat pretentious for even an Accies fan with delusions of grandeur…….. As one of my fellow Bairns suggested yesterday time for you to recognise & accept this now your level, particularly if the rumours of squad size being financially unsustainable despite public statements to the contrary.
  6. Looks good to me & a refreshed trio of Hendo, Calvin & Ross to enter at 60 mins
  7. Big game coming up this Saturday for the Accies & Gerry Strain anticipating a huge crowd as he’s invited all his followers on social media
  8. Is that Warren Gatland gesturing about the prediction of a 22 points differential at end of the season
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