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  1. Fucking Love Annan, but what I love more is just how shite a manager Rankin is.
  2. Where’s all the Hamilton c***s now? Out in force last weekend when we got pumped out the cup, don’t see them now that they’ve just faltered again and fell further behind in the league. A tinpot, shit heap club! Get it round ye’s!
  3. When Lowland League teams can sell tickets online then what's the reason that Hamilton can't? Because you're a diddy team as has been said before.
  4. Iv not been on here today at all, but I cant believe the level of anger because a game was called off due to weather conditions. It literally happens every season, plus multiple games were called off as a result of said weather. Yet people are theorising over possible conspiracies as to why the club didn't even try to clear the pitch and the massive area surrounding the stadium. Then you add in that Hamilton won their game against a rancid QoS team and all of a sudden our season has been derailed and we are going to get relegated and end up in the lowland leagues.
  5. I’m looking at getting tickets for a gig at the hydro through ovo pre sale but there is very limited areas on the seating plan. On presales, do they tend to only release a percentage of tickets before general sale?
  6. Is this game available to UK viewers on Montrose TV or just overseas?
  7. Is this game available to UK viewers on Montrose TV or just overseas?
  8. “The Little Magician” My latest painting now available in A4 and A3 prints now available in the Etsy store. Other Falkirk FC related artwork also available. https://slappindabassdesigns.etsy.com
  9. Finally finished the painting of Wee Russ. Hope everyone enjoys this, I certainly had a ball! Prints coming soon to the Etsy store.
  10. A little more work done on wee Russ and the strip.
  11. That might have been before my days of watching football
  12. you’ll not see a strip that baggy nowadays. Especially on big Alfie!
  13. With the buzz building around the club and town with recent performances in the league, it’s got my creative juices flowing at the moment. It kickstarts the memories of the good times at the club over the years. Something that’s been missing for a while now. So to celebrate this, Iv started a painting of a true club legend! The Little Magician.
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