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  1. Don’t remember Duthie being that skillful when he was at Dumbarton but had the QOTS players on strings the full game. His finishing could definitely improve but I love his eagerness to get forward on the counter every time we defended. He’s always looking for the space and happy to take the ball. Long may it last but our forward options look exciting for the year ahead. Still think we could add another in but we’ll see how the loan market goes.
  2. Realistically we can’t get a full new squad for next year so I imagine we’ll keep 7/8 players from this season. Who would people want to keep? I reckon a case could be made for Cunningham, Cuddihy, Livingston, Docherty, McAlistar, Splaine and if possible Jamieson. Parry already signed up for next season. Not sure if anyone else is?
  3. Mitchell off too Hibs. Fair play! Wish the him the best for the past few years and Parry is more than a good enough replacement
  4. Neil Parry signing is an interesting one. Him and Mitchell battling it out for number 1 spot
  5. Surely not this starting already, I understand we’ve been woeful to this point but we’re only 1 game into the season. Some of his decisions are definitely questionable but the man got us playing some of the best football we’ve seen in the past 10 years as well as getting us promoted. Last season COVID didn’t help us at all with the fixture build up and we still managed to pull it out the bag. Have a bit of faith and get behind the team. If we can source a few loans from higher up particularly for right back and centre back then the team isn’t actually looking that bad. A forward 3 of Love, Cunningham and Goodwillie will get us goals, a midfield 3 of Gomis, Splaine, Cuddihy and Kennedy as back up is an upgrade on what we had last year. 2/3 players in on loan and we can kick on. Can’t start the abuse and shouts for Lennon out after 1 league game.
  6. Hopefully we’ve got a few signings coming up that can show our intent for the season, will be interesting to see what type of players Danny’s going for.
  7. I imagine with Puma coming in we’ll not be selling any of the old hoodies, strips etc... Can always request the money back and then spend it when the Puma stuff is on sale.
  8. It’s easily justified why East Fife players didn’t want to play tonight especially when the Clyde player who tested positive was on the bus with others to Peterhead on Saturday and only found out 40 minutes before kick off tonight. I can also see why we wanted to play after given the all clear. Match should be rescheduled for next Thursday if possible, don’t think either team deserve to be given a 3-0 loss or win.
  9. Do Cove post highlights? If so when can they be expected?
  10. I’ve been charged twice to watch the match and still not in
  11. I think the win against Thistle made it 16 wins from 16 at home.
  12. 16 in the squad now and I’d really like two more central midfielders and a centre half. Seems we now have plenty going forward.
  13. Assuming it’s just Grant, McStay and Syversten left from last seasons squad who haven’t been released or signed new deals yet. If all 3 sign up then that’s 13 players signed for next season. Ideally what positions would you be hoping we could improve on? Still waiting for a striker to help Goody out as well as a proper left back, Wouldn’t mind seeing Livingstone coming back. A proper centre half to cover the gap left by Lang would be much needed as well.
  14. I tried my best [emoji23]. In simpler terms as long as no two player’s have played for the same Scottish team it’s fine. So for example if you have Adam Rooney he takes away any other players who have played for Aberdeen or Inverness.
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