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  1. Jerry Kerr stand now open for home fans. Thats some effort fellow Arabs.
  2. Potentially yes. Robbie's full description was he wanted 5 players, it maybe 4 it maybe 6 depending on budget, but he was looking for 5. Tony Ashgar stated later on that they had spoken with 4 players who had bought into the clubs plans etc and after a meeting about players/budget/recruitment earlier that day it had been agreed that the budget would be moved about so that irrespective of league they would still be here. No worries, happy to help.
  3. The way it was said I would assume so. It was mentioned that part of the decision making and recruitment in January was to avoid wholesale changes.
  4. Robbie is looking for 5 players. These are to improve the 1st team. 2 preseason games already arranged, looking for 5 in total BetFred Cup is to be taken seriously Robbie wants to do well in it 4 players have bought into United's plans and should be announced after season's end, irrespective of league Academy is going for Elite status, ambitious, looking to be the best in Scotland and then beyond. Looking to concentrate on local talent. Boca Juniors tie up isnt just looking for players, it will be coaches going there/coming here learning how each other works, commercial ideas etc New catering, local produce. Installing new POS throughout the stadium to help speedup serving times. Not the end of the world if promotion is not gained according to Mark Ogren, Don't want to be just be in Premiership, looking to be in Europe Pavol Safranko was brought up, Robbie repeated what he's said before, he's an Aalborg player, they'll surely want to get a look at him, they've spoken and will do so again once seasons finished
  5. The very last section of seats in the Shed next to the St Mirren fans is left unsold. They seemingly have to leave it empty for segregation purposes,this was mentioned at the Q&A. This means there were more seats available in the Shed than there was against ICT.
  6. Too be fair both Ray and Laszlo had big budgets too. While budgets help, it does give access to players others can't bring in, not every expensive or higher paid player is better. You can have all the money in the world, but you've got to be able to use it, and on the other side a good manager can make a good team ( see Livi). Being able to make signings in January is very useful, St. Mirren 2 years ago as an example, but it doesn't always work, again manager's ability has to come into it to get it to work quickly. Bit of fence sitting there I know but its not always easy to say who is the best, but Robbo like Butcher does seem to work at ICT.
  7. It is the nickname of the team. Been called that for decades. Could understand it if he called us "The Arabs" as that isn't the team or the club, that refers only to the fans.
  8. Toss up between that and the game against Hibs the first year we were down.
  9. Cheers. Hopefully we do, I hope in the next games we can play without the nervousness we seemed to show in the first leg and the 1st half last night. If we can then I'm confident, or as confident as I can be, that we'll do it. Seems to be a decent attitude in the squad at the moment.
  10. There is, this season's average hit by the Laszlo effect. Was an upturn once Ogren came in and the new signings in January. Apart from a couple of games, there certainly more 2nd half of the season.
  11. Dundee derby at Dens. One of the Derry's finest had forked out for a Roma top to "wind up" United fans after the very recent 1984 Euro cup semi final loss.
  12. Heres the averages going back to 92, ave attendances equalised around 1970/71 and then United's started to creep ahead before being a couple of thousand ahead. United's are first.
  13. Yes boycott. All over forums that folk were not going back because of TBS, then Laszlo, then Martin etc. To be fair to some it was probably an excuse but there was a bit of an upturn in attendances after Ogren bought the club.
  14. The average attendance is, amazing what happens when you're in a league with away supports, also many UNITED fans boycotting the club. Season ticket holders though are a different story. Even with the boycott we sold more than the Dees
  15. Was pleased when we signed him, but from his performances at United is nowhere near a top player, even in the Championship Almost none of his assists came from open play. He is up there in assists because he took all the freekicks and corners. The Rangers connection has nothing to do with it. His performances from open play were very, very poor. Hiding on the pitch, running away from the ball, running to where the ball had just come from. Never seen anything like it from an alleged professional. Did he have a poor attitude at Dunfermline?
  16. That is unfortunate. Although we beat ICT the other week I hope we continue to try and play football rather than getting dragged down into fight and punt fest like the cup game. If we do that I feel it will be much more difficult. I still believe we will win and although I won't be at the 1st leg, I have my tickets for the home leg.
  17. Have to argue with your description of Aird. He deserves his place in the team but to say it is management is rubbish. He has a major attitude problem. Also i have never witnessed a player deliberately hiding on the pitch to make sure they never have to do anything until I saw Aird at Tannadice. Yes he can take a set piece, but he has shown no redeeming features in open play. Major disappointment he turned out to be, but it is down to him as to whether he has a career or not.
  18. Heard that we did. Dillon allegedly asked sometime after January whether he was being kept on so he could put is name out and get a club for the next season. Was told he wouldn't, so that was when they filmed his goodbye. Ray then spoke to him in February and he would be getting kept on, would have been on reduced terms and as a squad player. Because of that Dillon didn't put out he was available. After the play off loss to Hamilton Ray then told him he wasn't getting a contract and denied telling him he would get one. Dillon has no time for Ray. All "alledgedly" of course.
  19. I think mostly it's wishful thinking. There has been a rumour for a few months, but it seems to disappear once his wages are mentioned. He has said he enjoys the lifestyle in the US but there are family issues living there.
  20. No problems at all, was just chuffed to see it on here!![emoji106] I agree, Russell seems very unlikely, unless it is for family reasons which I read some mention of that a few months ago.
  21. This is about the 1st time I've been close to being "in the know" so don't want to land anyone in bother OR lose the chance of anymore. It wasn't from someone at united, BUT the route to me is impeccable and extremely trustworthy.
  22. Bloody hell, fame at last, my tweet and Johnny Russell's wages screen shot has been posted on P&B!!! No idea who it is, heard it this week. I don't doubt the providence of the info I was told. I thought it was interesting and wondered what names we could come up with.
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