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  1. It will be us vs Thistle on the final day that the BBC will show
  2. Most of these I've only been once, but NDP and Raith I've been to three times and still not seen us win. Celtic Park Tulloch Caledonian Stadium The Rock Cappielow New Douglas Park Starks Park Ainslie Park Station Park
  3. By mid April it's you can play until 8:30pm without lights so they could fit a couple of games in as 6:30 or possibly even 6:45pm kickoffs at a push. Might need to play Monday/Wednesday though as all four clubs play on the 13th. Looking at the weeks left currently they only have the following free: Wed 12 Mar - potential East Craigie (H) Wed 19 Mar Wed 2 Apr Wed 9 Apr - potential away game 6:30pm ko Sat 13 Apr - all four clubs unavailable Wed 16 Apr - potential away game 6:30pm ko Sat 20 Apr - potential away game Not knowing the playoff dates makes it tricky, but given they were 23 & 30 April in 2022, I'd assume they could be as late as 27 Apr and 4 May this season - although I see the HL is set to finish on 13 Apr - which might take the 20th off the table. Still better than last season when Panmure won the League title on the 27th May!
  4. I don't mind the song selections or the fan involvement - as it tends to be fans that know what they're on about rather than SSB mouth breathers that phone in to Clyde 1. The issue is the way KMac manages it, they'll pick a narrative at 2:20 and run with it all the through OAM (albeit not this weekend), and quite often has nothing to do with the games that are on, and gets in the way of the reporters trying to make updates, and they'll continue to carry that through til 7pm. I think Michael Stewart can be a good pundit, but when it comes to Levein, he loses all objectivity - it quickly descends into something you'd expect to see from Kris Boyd on Sky. Loy occasionally comes away with some nonsense, but he does seem like a decent pundit, would like to seem him more often on Friday night games.
  5. Why were the Lochee and North End games off today? It's looking increasingly tricky for Lochee United to get the season finished in time for a potential Play-off.
  6. I think the current format is fine - the only difference is that you'd want more access for non-league clubs. Maybe a couple of extra preliminary rounds for non-licenced teams in the sixth tier?
  7. Cove is colder than the depths of hell and in an industrial estate miles from anywhere. But apart from all that...
  8. Banks O'Dee is like a much better Cove in terms of an away day. It's just about walking distance from the Train Station - ground itself is okay, a bit small, but fine.
  9. "That's a good football goal" as opposed to what a bad hockey goal?
  10. There was at least two based on the social media clips they posted.
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