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  1. Something that you'll have to tell me about this season. 2 games and 6 points to us( we all know you cheated in Paisley).
  2. A Ross County victory in Dingwall will probably be the end of yet another Aberdeen manager's tenure. Unfortunate.
  3. With 3points and 3 goals my 4 fingered webbed handed freak.
  4. Can't see any lamb's? Away home to watch the highlights? But but but 4 games in hand.
  5. Hahahaha. Not so vocal now my wee pet. I'm stuck in traffic in Aberdeen on the bus - glorious.
  6. I thought McMenamin looked decent apart from a shite free kick. Gave us an option down the wing and at least tried to take his man on.
  7. Rangers game only off because of the travelling for County team, can't see the 30 min journey from Kilmarnock causing too many problems.
  8. Forecast is for the rain to calm about 6pm with next to no winds for during the game.
  9. We've lost 1 home game and Killie have 1 victory on the road this season. With any luck these stats will have some bearing on the outcome of Wednesday's game.
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