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  1. Great to see him return home. Can possibly see him as a future manager if he chooses to go down that road.
  2. I thought we were excellent tonight, almost a defensive masterclass. We definitely missed Baccus in midfield although Boyd Munce did reasonably well. Thankfully that's the gruesome twosome out of the way for a wee while.
  3. Should have been sent off - he kicked out at Fraser.
  4. A bit of a downward step leaving Livi for the Fermers.
  5. Just think ? This time next year , the Perth thing wont even be a thing. Cheerio.
  6. Doon Doon Doon Doon. What a lovely season this is shaping up to be. If the farmers go down, will they ever get back? I'd give their place to a more deserving club like Clydebank. Cheerio
  7. That's what they deserve after the blatant VAR cheat that went for them in Paisley. Evens out or a season they say.
  8. Looks like Hearts are lying down to Celtic here to put a dent in the Saints title challenge.
  9. Excellent news this. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/5145-scott-tanser-agrees-contract-extension-until-2026
  10. A victory today would obviously be lovely, but I've got a feeling this could be a scoring draw. 2-2.
  11. Running scared of the mighty Saints by the looks things.
  12. Too much goose stepping has obviously taken its toll.
  13. Possibly the common denominator in all of the threads mentioned is - St Mirren didn't lose any of the games(Hearts aside).
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