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  1. Given the weather we've had this month, its no surprise the pitch wasn't at its best. This though wasn't the reason that the game was close.
  2. No chance supposedly. About 15 clubs interested in him. If he ends up in Scotland it would probably be with Dundee given the partnership they have with Burnley.
  3. He won't play though, he'll either be injured or sitting on the bench.
  4. I reckon at least 80% of referees in this country grow up supporting one of the 2 arse cheeks. Surely this will have a bearing on decisions, even the subtle ones.
  5. Thought Elvis looked ok when he came on. Showed some nice touches and effort considering the scoreline and level of opposition.
  6. Come on, that looked like a career ending challenge. You could tell by the amount of rolls he had.
  7. The whole away stand were singing ( not the fabled minority) their pish, meaning Flybhoy is a bigot after all. Subhuman scum.
  8. The laws of the game may well have changed but not the decisions the arse cheeks get week in week out. Thankfully it probably had little bearing on the outcome.
  9. I remember a game against one of the arse cheeks in Paisley when a couple of interlopers in the home end thought it was a good idea to celebrate their teams goal. Got chased, battered and thrown out all in the space of about 1 minute.
  10. Over 7.5 k in attendance at our last home game and an average attendance of around 6.5 k the season. He waffling, pure and simple.
  11. Something that you'll have to tell me about this season. 2 games and 6 points to us( we all know you cheated in Paisley).
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