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  1. The only thing that was missing from his performance was a goal. Didn't deserve to be on the losing side.
  2. After the last manager they poached from us, i cant see them going down that road again.
  3. No VAR to bail the sheep out this week. Lovely stuff.
  4. I think its probably because Livi don't have ideas above their station, unlike the " famous ". I'm hopeful of a Hibs win today just to see the full blown meltdown that will ensue.
  5. Olusanya, Greive and Mandron have all played their part in the league campaign so far. We can now add Stav to that list also. No need for another striker as far as i can see.
  6. Fair enough. Today i thought you played to your strengths- you had 4 or 5 players that looked easily over 6ft 4 , so it was no surprise that much of the game was played in the air. At times i thought we struggled with it.
  7. I would find it really difficult watching Martindale's style of football every week. Obviously hypothetical, but would be a big no for me.
  8. Week 1 - Celtic Week 2 - St Mirren Week 3 - Hamilton Week 4 - Dumbarton Week 5 - Dundee United
  9. I thought we deserved the point all things considered. We had two really good chances first half from headers that Baccus should have buried and Kiltie brought out a decent save. 2nd half i thought we were poor for large spells, but to come away with a point shows how far we've come as a team. Still unbeaten in the league and top after 4 games- not too shabby.
  10. Tbf, this poor decision was just the tip of the iceberg.
  11. But still far better than any of Aberdeen's current crop of midfielders. Ewe lot are bothered.
  12. What decisions of a similar note have gone against you this season?
  13. I imagine that you lot will be on the receiving end of a terrible VAR decision soon enough. Maybe one in your game against Hacken might just go against you
  14. Supposedly these things balance out over a season, so with yesterday's penalty that shouldn't have stood and Greive's goal against Dundee that should have, I'm looking forward to a couple of decisions going our way in the coming weeks. Its just a shame that our winning run came to an end due to ineptitude.
  15. That would still be 2 or 3 places above your current position.
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