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  1. 3rd top Saints on last. Decent. Under the radar as preferred.
  2. Should we start the £250k appeal for Stav just yet ?
  3. I'd get Baccus on for someone, any midfielder. Slightly better performance than last midweek, but still poor.
  4. A win for the Saints and we're 14 clear of them- probably an insurmountable lead.
  5. Celtic at Parkhead for us in the draw today now.
  6. Well played Dundee, thoroughly deserved. Time for us to try and reset before a crucial game against Livi.
  7. Great to see him return home. Can possibly see him as a future manager if he chooses to go down that road.
  8. I thought we were excellent tonight, almost a defensive masterclass. We definitely missed Baccus in midfield although Boyd Munce did reasonably well. Thankfully that's the gruesome twosome out of the way for a wee while.
  9. Should have been sent off - he kicked out at Fraser.
  10. A bit of a downward step leaving Livi for the Fermers.
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