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  1. Don't go there.... what happens in Lourdes stays in Lourdes, as the saying goes !
  2. At least I know that when I argue with myself I've a chance of winning !
  3. I'm a Fanboy of football and if you don't think the football in the EPL is of a better quality and more exciting than the Scottish top flight then that's up to you. But don't give me that 'fanboy' shite. It really is nonsense of the highest order.
  4. Yep. I'd say it's almost a certainty that John McGinn wouldn't be half the player he is for Scotland now if he had done what all the pundits in Scotland wanted him to do and left Hibs for Celtic.
  5. Fair enough and who would blame him for that, but you've only one relatively short career and having won domestic trophies and experienced European football again & again & again and enjoyed trips to Dingwall, New Douglas Park, Fir Park etc again & again & again I do scratch my head at why a player, who's definitely good enough, might not want to experience Old Trafford, Anfield, St James Park, Emirates etc etc for a few seasons......if only for a wee change if nothing else.
  6. I think maybe the media and public in Scotland have now accepted that, annoying though the SKY hype may be, the EPL is probably the best league in the world and anyone who can command a first team place down there is, by definition, a superior player to his counterpart up here.
  7. In an Ideal world where several journalists where employed as pundits and no thick ex-pros were, them yes but while it's a binary choice between thick semi-literate ex-pros or Tom English we do not have the luxury of undermining Tom English.
  8. Tom English is not perfect but if you'd rather have Bonner, Biscuits, Neil McCann, Peter Grant & the rest of the thick as mince ex pros rather than literate journalists then just carry on knocking him. Gushing praise over this week's achievements is merited but I fail to see how a 3-0 pumping from a shit poor Ireland was anything other than doomsday. Those trying to claim they knew all along that things would be fine have overdone the hindsight on their chips.
  9. Season 2 'One For The Road' 1974.. ......"careful how you go. There's a match... Aye, a friendly - with Rangers .... No such thing, they'll be on the rampage.... Aye, hoolligans. Good night.."
  10. Great sitcom. Great episode. If you can check out the episode where Rangers come down to Newcastle for a 'freindly' !
  11. Comprehensive defeat for the Scots tonight. Ukraine 4, Scotland 0. But hey, we might get England next time round.
  12. Overrated - Glasgow. Is there an uglier, more filthy city in Europe ? Underrated - Edinburgh. Is there a more beautiful city in Europe ?
  13. Would make a good thread in itself, that. Most embarrassing 90 mins as Scotland fan. Very dependent on age of course but for me. England 5, Scotland 1. 1975.
  14. A lot of anti-Irish feeling here.............which is nice to see ...those p***ks get far too easy a time normally. They gave us U2 and The Bachelor's for fucks sake !
  15. "Do you or do you not believe in one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church ? "
  16. Hoping for a bit of the old...."Eamonn Andrews, Val Doonican, Paddy Maloney, Mick The Marmaliser, Michael Flateley, Paddy McGinty and his goat...can you hear me, his goat ? The Clancy Brothers, Dave Allen, Charlie Tully......your boys took a helluva beating tonight " come Saturday but I won't be holding my breath. !
  17. We would, of course, have to have separate schools for the children of 'believers in alien spaceships' and separate schools for the children of 'spokespeople of the Fairies that live in the bottom of the garden'. It really is the only way to ensure social cohesion.
  18. Goodness no, can't have that. Half-witted secterian bigots must be free to indulge in all sorts of vile, bestial behaviour regardless of the impact on ordinary people. It's their culture and heritage after all .
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