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  1. How about just sacking Bonner ? Is that not allowed ?
  2. Not if you're a member of the 'Celtic family'. Only matched by the royals in the dysfunctional family stakes.
  3. Hiya Paul Jonquin, hiya Derek Whiteford, hiya Roddie McKenzie, hiya the Drews Jarvie & Busby, Hiya Hiya Hiya !
  4. "Job well and truly done" ? What exactly do you herd of revolutionary masterminds think you will achieve here ? What do you want to achieve here ? The collapse of the monarchy. ? Peace bread & socialism ? The beatification of Jota ? As you might say, ' f**k knows'. But just a thought. If someone believed, rightly or wrongly, that the Catholic church down the centuries had repressed, subjugated and pillaged country after country and had abused physically and psychologically men women and children throughout the world, would it be Ok for them to unfurl a banner with 'f**k the papacy' written on it ? I certainly don't think it would. Would it be then ok for a fellow traveler of these people with the dubious views about the Catholic church to describe the banner as "absolutely fucking magnificent, outstanding in fact " Again, I say definitely not. But you clearly would have no problem with that I presume ?
  5. There isn't a piece of paper big enough to list the rest but if you think only Catholics cannot ascend the 'throne' fine.
  6. You do talk some shite No I don't and if the fact that 99.9% of the populace are excluded from any chance of being head of state is not something you agree with or understand then the 'shite' , as you put it is all with you, sir.
  7. We are all excluded from succession to the British throne; atheists, Scots, Presbyterians, Welsh, Methodists, English, Episcopalians, Shetlanders, Jews and on and on the list goes for those not in the 'royal' bloodline. So sorry to burst your wee grievance bubble but we are all together in a pretty big boat in this one........
  8. Ya got me there, and you didn't even have to post an ironically witty meme (if that indeed is what they're called)to emphasise the point. Muchos Respectos !!
  9. Will somebody who keeps pointing out the side splitting humour of that explain why it's funny. ? Cos , not being funny, I don't get it !!
  10. Rangers are the knuckle dragging UKIP lumpen proletariat, quintessential socially far right club. Celtic are the quasi intellectual Brittania Unchained, Ayn Rand, Sir Keith Joseph, Reaganomics, no hand outs thank you very much, quintessential economically far right club. Joined at the arse as always. !
  11. Courtesy of the hard of thinking Bigotry Brothers. Isn't life grand !
  12. If Celtic were an Irish football club then you may have a point, an albeit slim one. But just as the island of Ireland is not British Celtic, however much you may wish it different, are not Irish. Their founders have Irish roots in the same way that Millwall's founders have Scottish roots. No one would seriously suggest Millwall are a Scottish club. And anyway how many forward thinking people in Ireland in the 21st Century still belt out the historical 'rebel songs' that Celtic fans revere ? Similar to Scots who still sing about William Wallace, Robert The Bruce & Bonnie Prince Charlie I'd wager. A small, quaint and slightly eccentric minority. I'm proud to be Scottish and British and I want us to be a republic. I just don't think little bhoy banners spouting abuse helps that cause.
  13. My pleasure. Just don't implement them or you'll end up in jail. Happy to clarify for you. It's Mr Postegoclu who requires the clarification as he seems to feel we can 'express' our personal values in any way we like. I know that's nonsense, you know that's nonsense. But I'm sure he meant well. Indeed, I'm certain of it .
  14. That seems about the size of it. So, yep, you'll keep your man. Smiles all round
  15. Indeed. Who in their right mind would want to swap regular visits to Fir Park, Dingwall, Rugby Park etc for the dubious pleasure of Old Trafford, Anfield, The Ethiad, St James Park, Tottenham, Stamford Bridge and so on.....Not Ange for sure..... God Save Ange !!!!
  16. Neither Mr Postegoclu or I mentioned booing you utter very rude trouserpress salesman.
  17. That's against the law which is totally different to personal values. You can't have personal values which are against the law ? Thanks for the heads up.
  18. The idea that a English Premier club would pick an unproven manager from a footballing backwater as their new manager is and was simply nonsense. Just the usual Scottish football reporters spouting nonsense as they so often do. No one down south took a Postegoclu appointment in anyway seriously.
  19. "We live in a society where people can express their own values in any way they want" - His Angeballness - 2022. What no rules, no laws, no boundaries ! So if my values include driving down the M74 at 120 mph and applying a hatchet to every kitten I come across that's ok ? Stick to football Mr Postegoclu, and leave thoughts on the governance of a free society to those not engaged in such important work as you are.
  20. Celtic,...0, Real Madrid,.....3 half and half commemorative CL scudding scarves still available at the Argyle Street Celtic shop. Wonder what Jock Stein would think of that. Something along the lines of "football without supine cash cows is nothing" , parhaps ?
  21. Such a pity Liverpool won. Ajax are the romantic deluded idealist football fans favourite club, other than their childhood one obviously.
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