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Pie And Bovril Fives Tourney 2005

Which date do you prefer ?  

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We have now begun making arrangements for this years fives tournament which will again take place at the Glasgow Powerleague. :)

We have checked out dates with the venue and have narrowed down to two potential dates for the tournament. These won't suit everyone but we're never going to do that when we have a tournament in the middle of the summer.

Earlier dates are already booked with tournaments and my own holiday is in mid-June and I'd selfishly like to be there for the tourney B)

Initially I'd like a quick straw poll on which of the two dates we have available is most popular.

We will launch our fives mini-site over the next few weeks and begin to take registrations from then on. Costs will be roughly similar to last year I expect.

Last year we got 12 teams into the tournament, this year I'd love to be able to increase that to nearer 20 if at all possible B)

Please vote for the two available dates, Saturday July 2nd or Saturday July 9th using the poll.

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Ninth would be better for us northern guys div, as the highland league sevens are already arranged the 2nd.

Carlos and the Ross County boys, Debbie City and myself are all definitely wanting to play in both, so if the 5s could be the ninth we would be most chuffed ;)

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Cool, I'll try and get a Montrose team together, who should live up to the fine traditions of the club by being absolutely terrible on the park. :D

I voted for the second but the ninth's fine too. I imagine we'll be playing St. Johnstone on the 9th, but then an unfit post holiday Mo being gubbed by the Perth Saintees mid summer is one I can probably afford to miss. :P

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I think last year the rule was that one Pie and Bovril member per team.

The 9th will be the best for me, as T in the Park is sold out and Im not paying over the odds for a ticket.

Sadly if it does fall on the 2nd, we will not be able to compete as we have already entered the Highland 7s.

Radford you seriously wouldnt go because St Johnstone are playing a friendly? Its not even a competitive game, I would imagine every team will have a friendly on the 9th. Come on I want to "Peter MacDonald" you!

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